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Play online game Hungry Rabbit and collect all the carrots you see on your way. Click the carrots in the basket, take one and pass it to the rabbet as soon as possible. Cause the carrot has its shelf time.
There are 10 carrots pre level. If the carrots are run out, the rabbit still can not get the carrot, then flash game finished.

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The hero, Sir Duke Bugwalker was called in for one last secret mission. With tears in her eyes, Duke's wife bid him farewell and wished him good luck. Not long has passed after Duke's departure that a horrible plague swept across his home town.
The notorius villain king bumblebee and his marauders moved in, setting everything on fire and kidnapping duke's wife.

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Wasps are relatively intelligent and tough condenders. They can take plenty of punishment, they move fast, and if you line up with them to attack, they'll unleash their stingy offspring at you and dash away.

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Welcome to Goofy the Candy Collection free online game. Your favourite cartoon character Goofy has to fly high and get all the candies he wants. You can do it for him but be careful of the rocky mountain, birds and airplane. Collect as many candies as possible and give Goofy a great treat and earn more scores as well.
Enjoy the treat. Use your mouse and down arrow key to play.

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Please help the guests to pull their cars into the parking lot.
Do not scratch the cars. During the car-parking, you may be asked to change the parking space.
You must hurry up, time is limited. You can use the arrow keys in flash game Hotel Parking to drive the cars. Ctrl to brake and P to pause the game.

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Year 1925, you are a master thief, with a passion for cars. But unfortunately, in these times, cars are a luxury, owned only by royalty and noblemen. Your only choice is to steal them and make your own vintage car collection.
Be careful though, the slightest damage will start the alarms and have you handcuffed in no-time.
In Vintage Carbon free flash games use arrow keys to navigate the car. Press Spacebar to use the hand brake.

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Somewhere in the North Pole Santa Claus is preparing his sleigh for gift giving. When Rudolf came up to him and said...I'm sorry Sir but I don't think I can accompany you this night... I caught a bad cold and I'm not feeling very well. No need to apologize Rudolf. Go ahead and rest, we can manage the delivery tonight.

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In Castle Clout free flash game you have to destroy the enemy castle. Before launch check castle using Left and Right arrow buttons. Use space for launch and unlink missile from trebuchet. After shoot use Space to reload trebuchet.
Trebuchet upgrades are unlocked as you achieve points.

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Incredible as it may seem, it has been confirmed that the recently deceased victims of super flu are now walking and attacking the living. First reports came from one of CDC's quarantine and research laboratories. According to Dr Elliot Reid of Mercy Hospital, it is possible that the super flu virus has mutated once again. "The super flu virus is a product of cross mutation of the H1N1 virus, it is possible that it cross mutated again.

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Can you survive the mummy onslaught as you enter the tombs of death? Upgrade and buy new weapons in the local mummy store. Pay with your blood!!! Muhaha, Mummy Tombs online game will check whether you are brave enough .
Be careful, don't use too many hitpoints in the store, as you will probably die when you leave it.
Use usual for flash games controls: arrow keys for movement, Space for fire and X - toggle weapon.

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Oh brave adventurer, your task in free flash game Mummy Tombs 2 is to enter the Tombs of Death to find treasures beyond imagining. This is a simple task, except for the hordes of blood-thirsty mummies guarding the treasures.
Explore the tombs in flash game, pick up treasures, avoid trap doors, and blast the mummies to hell and back.
But new weapons by going to the local Mummy Store and pay with your Blood.
New weapons become available after you kill mummy bosses. Good luck and try not to die in flash game.

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Move mouse upwards and downwards to set the angle. Click and hold the mouse to set the power. Release the mouse to throw the stone. Move mouse left and right to move the pet to catch the Mangoes to get points. Your aim in the first level of free flash game for kids Little Shooter is to collect 10 ripen Mangoes, to enter next level.
Green Mango gives you 10 points, yellow + 50 points. Dark Mango - 5 points, a fire - 1 life.

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You head aches... You hear nothing but the constant howling of your tormentors. And to top it all off, your guns are missing and what you have are in need of a few upgrades. You have 14 days till back up arrives... You have to survive.
Play flash game Moonlight Sonata The Dem and try to survive for 14 days by defending your barricade from nightly werewolf attacks.
Use your daylight hours wisely to repair your barricade, search for rations, scrap metal and find new weaponry. Also do not forget to take the time to upgrade your weapons in online war games.

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An unrelenting army of fierce Orcs is tormenting our people. The dark forces are seeking to gain control of this lands. But we will not give to them.
Play online game Fortress Guardian and shoot arrows in your enemy. Click and hold to crank your bow and release to throw an arrow. Blast with sword - click on the sword to switch weapon and blast ladders. Protect from Orcs - press and hold Spacebar to use your shield.