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Play 3 Card Poker online flash game


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3 Card Poker online game is two games in one. The player may bet on either one, both, and in different amounts. Most players will play both equally.
Pairs Plus – this is a game of total luck. You do not play against the dealer, but against the odds. Get a pair or better and you win.
Ante Play – you begin by betting the Ante. Three cards are dealt to you and dealer. The dealer's cards are dealt face down. You must then decide if you think your hand can beat the dealer by either betting on the Play or Folding. If you fold, you lose the Ante bet and the Pairs Plus bet, (this should be of no concern, because you should never fold if you have a pair plus winner). To play, you then bet an amount equal to the Ante in the Play box. The dealer's cards are turned over and a winner is determined.
Ante Bonus in free online game – this is an added bonus, like the pairs plus bet. If you get a straight or higher, regardless of whether your hand wins or loses, you are an ante bonus winner.