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Your objective in 3D Rally Racing flash game is to demonstrate your driving skills and finish first on different tracks. Try to get the best possible time.
Select “play” from the main menu. Select your car and color, then press “go race”. Use the cursor keys to drive your car. Complete 3 laps to get a chance to enter your name into the best times score table. Up – accelerate, down – brake/reverse, left arrow– turn left, right arrow – turn right. Select track: desert, snow, night, rain, forest.

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Your objective in Rocket panda flash game is to fly the through a lot of various 3d worlds and shoot dangerous enemies to death.
You are rocket panda, protecting biscuit land from the invading forces. Use the mouse to guide panda, avoiding collisions and shooting enemies and scenery. Shooting is automatic. Press the left mouse button to dash, dashing protects panda and destroys enemies. You have a limited amount of dash moves.

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13 More Days In Hell, a shooting 3D flash game is a sequel to 13 Days in Hell, with more challenging gameplay. You will walk around the 3D environment and fulfill different tasks given to you by the Guardian. Your main object is to survive in the terror, fighting the undead that want your blood. Controls use WSAD or Arrow keys to move. Left mouse click – to aim/shoot and rotate camera. Move mouse to rotate the camera left/right. Select weapons – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Switch weapons – QE or mouse wheel. R or Spacebar – reload. H – to use health potion.

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Super drift online game is a nice racing game where you can check your skill driving on slippery road. Use such controls: Up/Down – Accelerate/Brake, Left/Right – steering, C – change camera, Space – reset car, P – Pause game. Counter drift – quickly double tap in opposite direction of current drift, 5 – frame link.
Anyone can race, only the best can drift! Take turns at over 100 mph and over take your opponent in the race to the finish line. Play Time Trials if you want to put your best time to the test. Lets Drift!

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IonDriftEpsilon free flash game is highly rated 3D futuristic racer with speed boosts and drifting physics. The player competes against the clock or NPC opponents on multiple tracks. It is a fast hypnotic thrillride. Enjoy the colorful and dynamic racing. In case you are tired of such game, you will change you mind after playing this one. The unusual gameplay makes the game to be addictive. You will spend hours of endless racing. 3d graphics is pleasing and modern.

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The goal of Pipe It online game is to rotate and connect all pipes together. Ends of pipes can’t be open and all pipes must be connected to each other. You can use only pipe-to-pipe (not pipe-to-joint) connection. Use controls: Left click - select pipe, W - Vertical Rotation, A - Horizontal Rotation, game menu – camera and rotation controls.
Each level has a time limit (bottom-left corner, more yellow=less time), so you will get a better score the faster you are. Once the time limit is over, your level score will be 0, but you can still finish the current level. Level restart minus 200.

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Marksmen free online game is a perfect 3d shooter with a first person combat. The player has impressive armor in his disposal. In order to kills zombies he can use not only pistol but also a fowling piece and a sniper rifle. Use keyboard to control: W-up, A-down, S-left, D-right. Select weapons by pressing: 1-combat shield, 2-assault rifle, 3-auto shotgun, 4-snipper. Press R to reload, 5-map navigation, 6-night vision. Shoot with a left mouse click, aim with a right mouse click. Have fun in breathtaking, dangerous and addictive shooter.

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Dean Kart online game is a 3d simulator of racing on the most various tracks on interesting cars, if only you can call a bath like that. Choose your vehicle at the beginning and have the opportunity to improve it with each stage. You have a big variety of additional options and tools, which can make your car invincible. Win the first place, get bonuses and accelerators which will help you later in more difficult levels. Avoid collisions with obstacles and other cars. Easy controls of the game will please you.

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This Crossbow 3D online game will enable you to shoot with an arbalest and check your accuracy and keenness of vision. Choose among several complexity modes and play this entertaining game. Don’t forget that the wind can disturb you, so consider that too. With each shoot the distance to the target will increase, so you will never have the opportunity to shoot from the same distance, unless to play the game again. Compete with friends and improve your scores, set your own records and be the master in arbalest shooting game.

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Play online game Sky Driver Extreme and try to drive the car with a bomb. If you drive outside the road you lose. Try to drive fast because the time is limited, otherwise the car will explode.

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Metal Arm Fawege free online game is the place where you can turn to the mighty robot that fights with others and shows who is the best. The game is performed with cabin view, and controlled with a mouse.

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In Nano Factory free online game in order to manage the level you need to roll the container with a bug through all platforms with all possible turns. On the last platform you need to place the platform vertically on the entrance. The fewer moves you do the bigger chances to get a golden medal.

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In CuberXtreme free flash game you will need to clear the place from all blocks. Most of them are simple and you can move them, they are of a green color. But those which have anchors on the sides display special characteristics and you can’t move them.

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Xenon Fighter flash game is another flying 3d shooter, where you have to fly up to the end of the tunnel shooting enemy ships. Don’t forget to evade the shots and various meteorites.