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In Astro Flyer free online game you are flying in the sky on a small futuristic aircraft. Collect golden stars and elude various hurdles on your way. Your gameplay will be limited to 5 lives, so don’t waste them at once.

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Alien Flight free flash game is an entertaining flying 3d challenge, where you have to reach the end of the corridor. The entire space is blocked with columns and other obstacles, so you need to be careful avoiding the collision.

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In Dark Chess 3D free online game you will play 3D chess with pieces in fantasy style. Pleasant sound and not easy opponent will not let you get bored and you will have profitably spent time.

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Near future presents new kind of racing – tracks are straight but full of obstacles. Play flash game RACE 2078 and try to avoid everything that can break your rocket-car. Pay attention to the fuel level and the shield. You will need to reach the finish line safe and sound.


Train your abilities to fly managing hard tasks of advanced aerobatics. Do not forget about the fuel level in order not to finish the flight with uncontrolled spin.

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The game is so real that you feel yourself as a space flyer. You have separated from the rocket and start to collect colorful spheres in the blue sky. Those spheres will improve the characteristics of your shuttle. But be ware of red spots, they might destroy you.


If onle racers could fly they would certainly start avia-racing. Choose the main character and the track, where you will compete with your opponent in the clouds of exhaust gases. You need to fly through all rings, each missed ring will take one of your lives (you have 3 of them). You need to manage the track faster than your opponent.

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Love to play Pacman? Here is a updated version for you - Pacman 3d that you can play online. Quite cute, Suitable for all ages :)

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Hedgehog Sonic likes extreme kinds of sports. Snowboarding is no exception. Do your best tricks while going over the ramp.
Choose the weather and time of the day. Make it day or night, clearly or foggy - whatever you like.
Remember, the further up the ramp, the better tricks you can do. The better tricks you do, the higher scores you get.
Enjoy! Have the dream vacation when you play Sonic 3D Snowboarding online game :)
Use the spacebar to play.

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Something is trying to escape from the cellar, keep it trapped for as long as possible by moving objects over the door.

The aim is to keep whatever is in the hole down there for as long as possible. To do this you'll need to move the objects around you over the trap door. Use your arrow keys to move, walk into objects to push them and hold your spacebar to drag them.