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Play 3D Jetski Racing online flash game


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3D Jetski Racing is a combination of 3d and multiplayer genre of online games. You can choose whether to play alone or offer the racing battle to your friend.
Select “single player” or multi player”. Customize your rider (with the following characteristics: skin tone, clothes, hair color, primary color, secondary color, handle bar color) and Jetski (top speed, acceleration, handling), then press “Race” to continue free online game.
Choose the location: Fonthill or Beyparazi. Highfileds, Tardebigge, Derwent Water and Orchardleigh are locked at the beginning of flash game.
To race, use the cursor/arrow keys.
Race against the clock, passing buoys gives you extra time. Jump ramps to get extra speed.
Complete 3 laps to get a chance to enter your name into the high score table.