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This is it - the War of the Tanks is in its final catastrophic stages. The rebels are on the run, but don't get too afraid, as they are still a force to be reckoned with.
You've been given all the resources available to your people - it's up to you to ensure that victory is complete and the rebels are crushed once and for all. Good luck soldier in flash game. Fight online for us, fight for freedom.
Use arrow keys to move up, down, right and left. Use your mouse to shoot and spacebar for secondary weapon.

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Danger Planet free online game saves your progress automatically. You may quit any time, and return to continue playing online game later. Left mouse click and hold button until your gun will be charged. The bigger the charge the longer the shot could be. To clear up the pass you have to destroy Queen of the Swarm in free flash game. Otherwise she will give birth to more and more monsters. Press "Spacebar" to switch to flame-thrower. Use the health kit to heal yourself. Use the red balloon to recharge your flame-thrower. Use an air spider when you need some breath.

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The rules of Strom OPS free flash game are simple: neutralize as many enemy units as possible, preventing your base from being destroyed. Survive for 25 waves and you'll get a medal. The game won't end there, so you're free to play as long as you want.

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Help Zak to get rid of troublesome ill-wishers and fly away from the planet. You have to shoot off enemies and fuel the rocket avoiding its elimination. Fuel cans and other useful things will be thrown down to you by your loyal fellow-lighter Z-100 in free flash game.
If you need to fuel the rocket, you have to come close to it with a fuel can pushing and holding on the recently appeared button - "Fuel".
To repair damaged rocket you have to come close to rocket pushing and holding on the recently appeared button - "Repair".

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A great submarine earthquake attacks the Pacific Ocean in 2018 and the bottom of the
ocean is torn. Along with the tear of the bottom of the ocean, another life race hidden under the ocean bottom begins their fight with our human.
This race has a strong aggressiveness and wants to invade and occupy the ocean which belongs to our human.
The ocean bottom mutants has already occupied parts of the ocean and built military bases.

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Catch the green flies and get more shots to go. Catch magnets to attract surrounding bubbles. Collect all bubbles with limited amount of turns. Play Fling a Thing free flash game and use a mouse to control your character. Eggs are full of babies that shower down and collect bubbles below.
Bubblegum bubbles give you an extra bounce. Bells give more shots in flash game. Fruits give more points. Arrows spring you up higher.

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To walk: just click on any part of the floor (walkable of course). To interact with person/object: click on it and choose an action: mouth (talk, taste, bite, etc.), hand (grab, take, punch, etc) or eye (to have a description of the desired element).
To trigger actions: drag and object of your inventory (located at the bottom of the screen) and drop it over any other element that is on the stage (put) or in the inventory itself (combine).
End dialogs: to end a dialog just press esc ky, to speed sentences up just click at any point of the screen.

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Some 65,000,000 years ago the dinosaurs ruled the earth a small planet at the end of Arjahun sector. Human always thought them to be stupid animals, what they did not know is that one of them the Destoy was much smaller than humans are. That race lived in peace, with no wish for expansion. But when the Destoy scientists discovered an asteroid that is about to crash into the earth, they knew they have no choice but to leaving or to be extinct. Many years later, a new race now rule this planet - the human, but the Destoys have never forgot their ancient homeland.

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D-Finder 4 is a new twist to spot the difference online games. There are 4 near identical images - each image has one change not present in the others. Your objective is simple, find that difference for each image - total 4 differences per level.
Speed counts - bonuses are awarded for finding the differences quickly.
Differences change each time you play the game - so you can play free flash game all over again and again.

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Lear some info about Steam Machine before you start to play free flash game Heron Steam Machine. There are four gauges representing: steam (green), electricity (yellow), water (blue) and oil (red). When the gauges start to rise, you will have to connect a pipe with the corresponding color to release some pressure in logical flash game.
Heron: Steam Machine features 8 different pipes. The purpose of each special pipe will be explained below.

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In free online game 2mazed you will be in charge of control of two small creatures which need to get out of the maze. Both of them have simultaneous mirror control, that means if one moves right, another moves left. Take Green and Orange to the portal simultaneously/ Shoot enemies and traps. Enemies are fatal. To release a caught character, shoot the trap with the second one. Undestroyable ghosts swap the characters. Mind the time in free flash game and collect different items.

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Connect the farming community by linking all the isolated roads in order to join the paddocks, plantations, windmills, farm houses and barns in flash game Farm Roads. This will ensure that farming life is far more productive and efficient.
Start the game at the flashing red signal. Rotate the roads by clicking on the little red blocks which will appear if you mouse over the corners of the roads. Navigate your way through the farming community by clicking on the arrows on the left or right hand side of the game to go either East or West.

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The old house used to belong to your imaginary grandfather, but it has stood empty since his mysterious disappearance many years ago. Your online imaginary mom and you are now moving in to take care of the family estate.
Your grandfather was a famous explorer who traveled through the jungles of Latin America looking for lost temples and treasures. You are so sad that you never got to meet him.

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The Smileys are leaving their homes and wondering around aimlessly in free flash game Smiley Trap 2. Catch them with your Smiley Trap and teleport them to the school in time.
Catch the Smileys by matching sets of 3 of the same color. Rotate the board with Z and X. Smileys will get upset when they hit the sides of the board, until they explode. The longer you take to form a match of 3, the more upset the Smileys will become until they fade away.