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The asylum has been deserted for a long time. Although, there are enough skeletons in the closet - walking zombies. Find your way out from the asylum. Be careful, watch out for the clues not to be caught by the zombies.
Press on the arrows indicating the right way, as you think.

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Fruitfall is a really awesome puzzle game!
Here you do not have any falling elements. All you are given is already on the screen. Rotate the frame in such way that the matching fruit get lined up, thus, dissapear. The game is timed - the faster you finish, the higher you score.
You will deffinitely enjoy this online game!

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Connect colors of the discs so that there's only one left at the end. Seems easy at the beginning, although it gets more and more difficult as you proceed - there are more and more discs with the colors to combine.
Use the mouse to play this game online.

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Sheep go to Heaven, goats go to Hell. Sort them out, choose where to send them.
Press "S" for sheep to be destined to Heaven, click with the mouse on sheep. Press "D" for goats to go to Hell, same procedure with the mouse. Don't mix the animals and their destinies...

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Do you remember such a popular phone game where you need to "eat" all the blocks on your way to create a long chain, i.e. the snake. Well, here is a remake - welcome the Ultimate Snake arcade game online.
You really need to have your skills mastered to perfection, as the slightest wrong movement will destroy the snake and you will have to start over.
Use the arrow keys to move the Ultimate Snake.

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Sudoku II is probably one of the nicest sudoku games to play online. The smooth music is very relaxing and complimenting to the whole niceness of the game. Play it - it's a real chillout!

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Tease your brain or bend your mind with an ultimate puzzle online game - BLOX Forever.
Your task is to combine same colored blocks together to go to the next level. Each level adds new challenging tasks.
Play this game for free at

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You have an Ultimate Goal in this captivating and intense arcade game online. Your task is to keep that ball rolling for as long as you can, avoiding menaces on your way. Press up and down depending on the object that you need to dodge.
The system requirement for this game is very good reaction and quick thinking :)

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You are the Ultimate Potato - fight for your life while falling off a very tall building. there are lots of all kinds of enemies in this variation of the shooter online game. Unlock new weapons on your way to the victory.
Enjoy the Ultimate Potato free online game!

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This is not just fishing, this is Superfishing! Once you play it once, it'll become your favorite flash game that won't keep you bored to play it over and over.
Pick up the fish - the more at a time - the better. For every fish that you catch you'll get time bonus and it'll increase time taht you can spend playing the same, thus you'll get higher score.
There are extra objects swimming in the water - no need to pick that up :) You can catch multiple fish at a time.

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Rotate the board so that the jewels combine together which will make them disappear.
The Jewels Gear puzzle online game is very captivating flash game to play online. You'll deffinitely enjoy the graphics and the colors. Plus it will keep your brain working. Sooo many benefits from playing the game :)!

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Shape Shooter 2 gives you lots of colorful shapes that you need to shoot or they will kill you. There many powerups to help you and add some spice to the game.
The enemies come in waves. At the beginning of each level there's some time to see what is coming to move away from the attack and think your tactics ahead.
Deffinitely one of the best shooter games to play on the web!

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FlashTrek: Assault is an excellent Star Trek based "Defend your Starbase" online game. Your task is to detroy the incoming space enemies before they get to the base. Target with your mouse and shoot from the base.
Use the upgrades as you proceed. You can build ships, too.

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You're are almost at the end - this your graduation day. But - oh, no - your GPA is way too low. Collect good grades - point and shoot them, although there are bad grades, too. Maybe, you are a better shooter than a student :)
Enjoy the 60 Seconds til Graduation online game at