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You are the main hero of this game, thus you will experience all the Nephi's Adventure. This online game starts with all of the brothers locked in the city. There is a goblet in your inventory. Although you cannot use it without unlocking it. You'll need to use the help of the others to find your way out of the "imprisonment".
Use the appropriate icons for different actions - walking icon for walking, talking icon for talking. If you want to look at someting or examine - use the eye icon. To pick something up use the hand icon. Play around to see how you can use everything around.

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The objective of the Plant man online game is to plant the needed quota of saplings while avoiding death by blackfly, hunter or close-quarter-bear-researcher.
To play the game use the arrow keys to move, and the space bar to switch between running and planting.
Be quick!

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Even rhinos have I-pods nowadays. You are one of them. Run through the jungle and destroy all the hippos - this is what Jungle Destruction is.
Use the arrow keys to play the game. Use the letter keys for the hippos - "A" for blue hippo, "S" for yellow hippo, and "D" for red hippo.

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Bloons Player Pack 1 offers the greatest 50 fans-made Bloons levels! There is a target amount of the bloons you need to pop in every level. There is a limited amount of tries in each level. If you fail a level, you'll need to play again an d again until you succeed.
A great game for a nice chillout!

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Dropple is a great arcade game where you need to bounce through the 50 levels, each of them has new challenging tasks. Time will fly with this online absorber game :)

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In Dinglepop your goal is to clear the screen (or at least not letting the balls reach the bottom of the screen) by shooting a colored ball at the other same colored balls. Once there are three or more balls of the same color, they explode and disappear.
Besides all the fun by itself, you can have a tournament and play against two to seven other people.
Play Dinglepop online at

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Larry And The Gnomes is a free online flash game that you can play at You are Larry adn you are on the mission to fight the gnomes at the forest. Kill all the gnomes while collecting all the 15 Gems of Doom.
Use the arrow keys to move, space bar to jump. Press "S" KEY to attack. Good luck!

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Blackhole Trek is a survival space shooter game. Shoot the steroids and comets, collect the yellow energy ballons. The blue ones add shield to your spacecraft.
Use the mouse to play Blackhole Trek free online game.

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It's all in the name - Blockslide! - move the blocks and get to the goal.
Use the space bar to push the obstacles away. Be careful - some of them can only be pushed once.
Play Blockslide! and lots of other great free online games at

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Toon Crisis is a funky online shooting game featuring the music of Gogol Bordello.
There are cartoon creatures that are all over the place, coming out from everywhere on the streets of Soho. Your task is to kill them all.
Use the mouse to aim and the left mouse button to shoot!

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Connect the dots from 1 to the last one in Scribble! online game. Do it as fast as you can - the game is timed. Play this game for free at

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This Rabbit Wants Cake. Help him get it. There is a movement recorder with the scale - press "Record" and see how far you need to go - press right and left arrow keys to move, press Up to jump. Then recreate the movement and see if the rabbit can get the cake with your guidance.
A very innovative online game that you'll deffinitely love to play for free!

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Jump around, avoid the hedgehog, the snake, and other evils. Get as many objects as you can. The game is very enjoyable - pleasant graphics will rest your eyes, although you'll get some adrenaline rush and quick reaction practice.

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Run away from the T-Rex, fight the enemies on your way with your martial arts skills.
Press the arrow keys to run, use the "A" key to fught, and the "S" key to jump.
Will your enemies eat your rust? Let's see...