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The main aim of the Sock It free flash game is to find the pair for each sock. Left click to select first sock. This places it in the sock selection box.
Left click and drag matching sock into the sock selection box (on top of first sock).
Pairing complete or if you can't find the matching sock, use the cancel button on the sock selection box and click on a different one.

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Play free online game Tiny Super Hero where the main goal is to help Kaka getting the Flying Fuel. The game is over when Kaka exceeds time limit in the level.
If Kaka bumps into other characters, Kaka's Life would -1, after 5 hits, game over. Use easy controls in flash games: left key - move to the left, right key - move to the right, down key - climb down, spacebar - on/off flying mode, ctrl key - pause.
Flying Fuel: Kaka needs this magical fuel to keep flying. Flying Fuel is the winning goal of every level in this online game.

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When Jean-Claude the megalomaniac mouse goes on stage, he becomes super mouse. Help super mouse to conquer the heart of fans by taking him to the cheese moon and pick up a maximum of cheese stars in flash game Fly Me To The Moon. How to fly to the moon: use the space bar or click on a planet to send super mouse fly in space. The planets sets on the theater control the gateway to the cheese moon. Keep an eye on the closure gauge to the left of the screen. If it reaches its maximum, access to cheese moon will become impossible and online game will be over.

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Welcome to the world of Flalls. In this free online game there are two different colors of Flalls which need to be matched to their corresponding color field. The blade of grass can be moved so that the yellow Flalls can reach the yellow field and the blue Flalls can get to the blue field. The Flalls have to be moved before the flower-times stops in online game. You can one and a half minute.

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The funny creature Penguin floats in air with the balloons in the parachute. Protect the balloons from getting burst by the birds. Using mouse, move the Penguin and make it to shoot the fishes by the right click option in your mouse.

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Elastoman to the rescue! Can you save kidnapped citizens across the city? Can you bounce them to safety? Are you the right bouncy dude for the job? Your primary objective in flash game Elastoman is to bounce your way around the city saving the tied up people. The people can be seen as yellow dots in your crime fighting map. Once you save all the people, bounce your way to the rescue helicopter.
Watch out for criminals intent on your destruction - you can't hurt them, but they can surely hurt you.
Click, drag and release mouse to move Elastoman in online game.

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The evil Glorg has kidnapped your friends "Red" and "Green". After realizing what happened you feel immediately obliged to rescue them before it's too late. You don't know what awaits in these dangerous lands... fortunately you've got only one true passion: Jump and Run.
Greetings my blue fried in free platform online game Running Blue. Press arrows to walk. You can jump by pressing arrow up or X. Hold it longer to jump higher.

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Your task in The Amazing Card Keeper free online maze game is to collect credit cards over 10 levels. Collect as much as you can. Coins are just a bonus points. So you can choose whether to collect it in certain situations.
Avoid opponents in gray coats. They also seek cards and coins. Collect ATMs, thanks to them you will become invisible for a few seconds.
To control your hero use arrows on the keyboard. Esc button to pause/back to the menu.
Each level of free online game offers you a different number of opponents, and difficulty.

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Wipe out enemy defense systems and successfully rescue all hostages in flash game Global Rescue. Time is of the essence, so the faster you evacuate hostages, the more points you'll gain. You're restricted to carrying just 5 passengers at a time in online game.
Press Z to drop chaff. (useful in stopping missiles). Press C to fire. To rescue the hostages press the Spacebar to lower the winch (and again to recoil). Use the Arrow keys to navigate the Merlin.

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Help Cupid grab as much fun stuff like beer and burgers as possible and avoid yucky love stuff like hearts and flowers in online fun game Muck About With Cupid and Fate. Use the arrow keys to move your cloud left and right and bounce Cupid into the floating goodies at the top of the screen. If you're clever, you can time your movements to flick Cupid in the right direction. Your objective is to collect all the items at the top of the screen in flash game. Be careful though - if Cupid doesn't hit your cloud, he'll fall off the bottom of the screen and lose a life.

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The mad Doctor Vilainte has created a psychotropic radiator and declared himself dictator of the universe. As a threat, he demonstrated his radiators capabilities on our capital. Now, the entire city has gone insane. People are killing each other, the police have turned into a menace to society, and gangsters are on the mad scientists payroll. We are assigning you with a top-secret car to fight him. And you should suddenly go mad in flash game, this will only help your case. Only someone who is mad can stop another madman.

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Your objective in flash game Hot Date is to get the hot girl at the bar before any other guy can take her away. You're the guy sitting down looking at the girls.
Try to get her by foiling the attempts of the other two guys and winning her love and attention.
Click around in online game, solve the puzzles and find the right sequence for success. Good luck. If you get stuck - press the Walkthrough button.

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The object of Glorious Empire Toss is to keep the peasants out of the safe house. If 5 peasants make it inside, you lose. Click and hold peasant and let go to throw. Toss the peasant into the volcano for points. Some peasants are harder to throw than others. Leave your hand on the mouse longer to throw peasants. If your throw is not hard enough, the peasant will plop back down and keep running toward the safe house in flash game.

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500 year ago, in a Planet Alpha8 which only Monkeys exist in it. One fine day, there came the Aliens. They started to invade planet Alpha8. A competition for food started between them. The Monkeys have to eliminate the Aliens to prevent their own downfall. The war between Monkey and Aliens begin in free flash game.