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The aim of the flash game Rooftop Raiser is to reach the end of all 3 runs, London, Cardiff and Edinburgh in the quickest time possible. Hurry. You only have 1 minute and 20 seconds to reach the checkpoint in each level before your time is up.
Collect as many donations as possible in online game, these will boost your final score greatly. To achieve the ultimate score, you must collect all of the coins in the level as quickly as you can.

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In flash platform game Tombs of Anubis you have to take a photograph of Anubis but be careful, his army of mummies are trying to stop you.
Use the arrow keys to control your character and hit spacebar to take a photograph.
Take pictures of the mummies to turn them into photos and collect the photos to complete each level.
Anubis doesn't like his picture being taken, watch out for the hazards that need to be avoided.

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In flash game Mileage Ace you will need to fly from mileage bubble to mileage bubble. Some bubbles will give more bounce than others. You need also to collect the mileage bubbles to fly higher in the air: bubble, super bubble and mega bubble.
Collect bonus mileage bubbles to travel even farther: double miles, triple miles, rocket boost and light.
Collect the following mileage bubbles to aid your journey: bee horn, extra jump, reverse gravity.
In flash game you need to avoid the following, they will make your journey harder: bee, heavy, reverse gravity.

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Big Bucks is a real-time property development board game. All players are moving, buying and selling at the same time. Because of this, it is very fast paced, so be ready to buy buy and buy in online game. Your objective in this game is to bankrupt your opponents and make the maximum amount of money. In your stats window with vital statistics you need to know during the game. The bar represents your health, The house is the number of properties you own. The piece of wood is the amount of materials you have (needed to build a house in flash game).

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Play online game Eruption Disruption and collect the balloons to gather your research. Move your mouse to fly the plane. Avoid the clouds as they damage the plane. When a volcano erupts, the ash cloud has a major impact on commercial air travel and we need your help gathering research to find out why.
You must collect as many of the research balloons as possible in flash game without flying your plane into ash clouds.
Flying through the ash clouds causes parts of your engine to fuse together resulting in power failure.

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The evil Hades has captured Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and you are the only one who can save her. Collect the hearts from each area of Hade's sky domain to reveal where Aphrodite is hidden. Watch out for minotaurs, falling platforms and other deadly obstacles...Can you complete all ten stages of online game?
At the end of each level, the evil Hades will appear to spirit Aphrodite deeper into his realm. Don't be discouraged - keep on forging ahead and you'll liberate the Goddess once and for all in Kylie Aphrodite free flash game.

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There is a legend written by our forefathers... a legend about a foreigner who would come from afar... brought to us by the sea gods to rescue us from the pirates.
It is written that this foreign will be terrifyingly strong, stronger than the thunder we hear during our wildest storms.
And then one day, just like that, a stranger arrived. But he didn't look as scary as local inhabitants expected...they were expecting him to prove that he was the foreseen savior.

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Did someone nibble your new shoes? Is there a mess in your basement again? Your stocks for winter are spoiled? So, it means that rats have bred in your basement - but it does not matter if you have a cat. Otherwise, you will have to fight with a horde of rats yourself. In flash game Rats Away you will have to apply your skills and to make any tricks because rats are not the most stupid opponent.

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Welcome to the New Farmer online game. Before you start the process your uncle in this flash game will teach you how to do the farming, harvesting and caring farm animals. Follow the directions. First click the showel to dig the land and then plant seeds. To do that click seeds box. Click the plowed land to plant the seeds. Then click watering can to water the plant. Collect water from the well if the can is empty. And then click field to pour water. Click the barrow for collecting the foods. Harvest the grown plant and collect it in the barrow in flash game.

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Help the girl to manage her father's fuel station. She needs to find money to help her family. Play online game Fuel Manager and help her meet the daily targets and to buy upgrades to earn more money.
Click the car or the fuel pump to start filling when car is ready or waiting. When it indicate "near fill", stop pumping to avoid losing life and collect the money. Money given by the customers depend on how fast you serve them.

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The higher officials of the Zippy Airport have chosen you to manage the flights. They hope that you will manage landing and take-off of the flight properly. This is the great chance to show your talents in such flash games for free. You must be careful in handling flight and earn score for your good service. Keep your eyes on the Emergency flights.

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As it is customary the world is over, Princess Helen and Sir Arthur decided to go on a honeymoon after their wedding...Their most daunting task turned out to be picking out the best hat. For, it is well known that the intense heat of the tropical sun spares no one. The journey to the Azure archipelago is as long as as it is beautiful. The pilot told them that an evil and lonely wizard lives in these parts. He feeds solely on coconuts and sleeps in the canopy of the tropical forest, hanging his beard on a tree branch.

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You are a simple driver of stream-air taxi in Steamcab online game. Live and work in the city with exorbitant fines, crime, corrupt police, and in addition you have wicked wife, whose appetites are growing. Practicing domestic violence, every day she throws you to work with the requirement without the money does not return.

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Before you start to play flash game Golden Gauntlet you have to choose your character.
Slash Sparks - the war guitar player, his clan was disbanded long time ago. Just a few remain active as mercenaries or assassins. The strength of Slash resides in his charmig melodies and the edge of his guitar.
Jifhoo DarkSkull - the spear warchief - one of the few lizardmen that kept the old lizard way of life and is not under the dark emperor control. He manipulates the fire and ice elements and can be versatile either at short or long range in flash game.