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Play online game Prince of Pandia and gain the magical powers through the platform gameplay. With the help of magical powers, collect the gold. You will lose magical powers when you step on the volcanoes and without magical powers when you step on the volcanoes you will lose life. Find special elixir to gain the life.

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Before you start to play flash game Golden Gauntlet you have to choose your character.
Slash Sparks - the war guitar player, his clan was disbanded long time ago. Just a few remain active as mercenaries or assassins. The strength of Slash resides in his charmig melodies and the edge of his guitar.
Jifhoo DarkSkull - the spear warchief - one of the few lizardmen that kept the old lizard way of life and is not under the dark emperor control. He manipulates the fire and ice elements and can be versatile either at short or long range in flash game.

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Click the barracks to get soldiers and place them where you want in the trench in flash game Pet Soldiers. You can double click the barracks to fill all the empty spots if you have enough money (honors).
Click armor and give it to your soldiers. You can double click the armor to give it to all your soldiers. Click a weapon and give it to your soldiers, different weapons have different effects (hotkeys 1-7). In the right, you can click the cannon to fire a flare.

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Your land has been ravaged by evil forces. Go out and defeat the evil that has come and bring joy back to your kingdom in flash game Knight 2.
As the game progresses, you and your weapons will gain XP points. Once a certain level is reached your weapon will be upgraded.
Killing enemies will get you weapon and HP power-ups to help you in your quest. Use WASD keys to move and jump, S key to change weapon, JKL - attack and super attack. It will use some weapon charge after used.

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Once upon a time there was a small planet that had developed a society free from weapons of any kind. Like many pacifists they were the envy of many, and one day this envy turned into war.
Use your trusty salvage ship in online game Magnetic Defense to defend your base from the advancing hordes of enemies.
Move your ship around with the mouse in free flash games. Pick up junk by moving ship over it. Click to drop junk on enemies or hold mouse down to upgrade your ship. Drop junk on your base to upgrade it. An upgraded ship can lift heavier objects and enemies.

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Start a new quest in Warlord Heroes free flash game, battling your way across the land. Get as many kills as you can, and survive as best you can in an endless level of increasingly difficult enemies. Fight against elite warriors from each race in a series of 1v1 grudge matches. Complete episodes to unlock extra combatants. View the controls for playing and change options to improve game performance in online game.

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After choosing your allegiance in free flash game Black Sails, you have to embark on conquering a new world in a new age. You must capture all the towns on the map to win. You can navigate around to different towns and on the open seas. You will be challenged by nations and other savages. If you accept, you will enter battle mode. You can engage towns to try to capture them, But they are heavily guarded and you are advised to build up crew and guns. Or you can simply go into a town for trade.

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In Age of Defense 4 online game you are a brave warrior armored by 3 type of weapons: throw object - hard control, high damage, use power bar. Arrow - normal control, low damage, use quick reload. Gun - easy control, medium damage, use lengthy reload.
Move mouse to the top screen to high throw. Move mouse to center screen to medium throw. Move mouse to bottom screen to low throw. Press mouse to increase power bar, release mouse to throw. Mouse move to change the direction in flash game, the red bar is your ammo. When your ammo is empty it will automatically reload.

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One of our outposts is being attacked by the Gual. Help the Romans defend it and learn how to play online games. Caesar. Thanks the Gods you have arrived. Vercing has begun a massive attack on our border. Your enemy is close, use arrows, but it might not be enough, when they decide to charge full force. The arrows aren't enough to hold them off. Keep your arrows and catapults firing in flash game. Don't forget to reload your supplies. Use WASD or arrow keys to move the screen.

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Battle your way through zombies, werewolves, mummies and more in this action packed adventure flash game Zombies Ate My Phone. Its time to choose which friends you save and which friends you don't! Visit the shop to unlock and upgrade on your choice of weapons, including exploding teddy bears, electric guitars, and even a few classic vinyl records to help clear your path. Vinyl can destroy several creatures at once. Don't forget to collect coins.

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It is a story about a golden lizard attacked to a dark purple stone. It wasn't really a live lizard though, the whole thing was more like an item...or an artifact.
Meanwhile, in a totally random place, somebody catches on fire. Apparently, this guy named Grankomeau has the uncommon skill of lighting himself on fire by in a certain manner called spontaneous combustion.

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One Ton a character of free online game was created by a terrorist military group that was in search of the ultimate weapon. They wanted a weapon that was powerful, agile, and full of rage to complimant their robotic army.
They bred One Ton to be that, and to unleash him on their enemies. They used "unpleasant" methods to develop his ferocity.
He escaped their containment. Now he hunts them down in dynamic flash game.

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In Super Playboy press right or left arrow to run and hold the button to gain more speed. Once you reach top speed, press jump and hold arrow button to fly.
You can drop yourself on enemies by holding jump button. You can also hit enemies by punching them with S.
Spearmen have long melee attack, you can avoid them by jumping above them. The archers have accurate shots, you should change your speed to distract them. Grab barrels and throw to the enemies. Barrels contain special bonus. Ducking when attacked by enemies will reduce your pan than regular damage.

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Three days have passed since the princess has gone missing. You tried to tell the king her disappearance must be linked to the evil creature that have appeared around your village, but he didn't believe you. It is time to take matters into your own hands. You pick up your sword and shield and set off into the haunted forest in Castle Quest online rpg game.