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In Seal of The Mainland online beat'em ups game you will have to defeat the enemies with you own troops. They should stand in a good line, each group in each icon. When you click the icon with the mouse, you can control the row of the corresponding team. When you select a row team, the rank of the state is very important.

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You play for Snarko in online beat'em ups game Iron Snail. Your mission objectives are to traverse into enemy territory and save the hostages from the terrorist's control. Remember, this is primarily a sneaking mission.


Play online game Cactus McCoy and the Curse of Thorns where your attacks will be different depending on which weapon you will use. Find weapons for stronger attacks in flash games on the ground. Enemies may also drop their weapons when killed. Weapons only last for so long before they break or run out of ammo. Keep grabbing new weapons as you go. To pick up a new weapon, press down while standing over it. To drop weapon press D. You can't use your weapon while climbing. Each weapon has a different attack power. Experiment with different weapons you find along the path.

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On each level of Zombotron online beat'em ups game you will have one simple task - kill all zombies. But also you will receive additional tasks: finish level in certain amount of time. Collect definite quantity of coins on the level of flash game. Kill zombies and collect their heads. Use WASD key to move, and mouse to aim and shoot. Press to interact with objects. Enter shop terminal and upgrade your weapons, recharge or increase the armor quality. Explore the world to find trophies and secrets. Buy new weapons on the level. Blow up 10 enemies and kill robots and collects their heads.

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You are tasked by your masters to defeat the evil Chaos Reaper - you now stand before his dark fortress in Spell Storm beat'em ups online game.
Your character and your updates are saved when you complete the stage. Move with arrow keys and shoot with mouse. Remove obstacles from your way by shooting them. When you encounter enemies of different type - kill them all. Manage challenging levels in each of several missions to fulfill your task. Be fast and accurate, the enemy is around.

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He was the last of his kind... and this was not his planet. The only way back home is to fight with what it is within him. Play online action game Tribot Fighter where you meet a lot of enemies on your way. Enemies of the same color as your current robot will always block your attacks. Change robots in order to defeat them.

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Play online game Drake in Winterland for one of cute dragon characters. Successfully complete a level to unlock the next one. Collect crystals and visit the wizard's store to purchase upgrades. You can stomp dragons and bulls, but don't jump on armadillos.
Get medals based on your performance: you need 95% for the gold medal, 85% for the silver, and 75% for the bronze.
Enemies get harder to defeat and crystals increase in value as you progress through the game. Customize controls in the options menu.

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Welcome to Code Lyoko beat'em up flash game. Remember those frogs you were going to dissect in science class? Now they are under X.A.N.A's control and they're not so helpless anymore. Your friend barely made it out there, but Ulrich and Odd stayed to protect the rest of the students, so you're going to have to go into Lyoko and find X.A.N.A's control tower. He's got the coordinates of the tower, but for some reason he can't find Aelita, and you can't shut don't the tower without her. Go ahead in online platform game and get to the tower, and your friend will keep trying to find Aelita.

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Juggles has survived a zombie outbreak...he just does not know that yet. Move with the up, down, left, right arrow keys, or the WASD keys. Strafe side-to-side or up and down holding a shift key.
You are deputy droll of the fun police. Your mission in Zombies Ate Juggles online game, if you wish to accept it, is to keep Juggles alive for as long as possible. Good luck, deputy.
Fire your weapons by pressing or holding the space bar. Go ahead try it. Juggles is clown town's last remaining source of laughter. It is your sworn duty to protect all sources of fun and laughter.

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One sunny afternoon, a young cloud was watering his favorite trees. He liked these trees most because they were different to the rest. Out of nowhere came running towards the trees the worst enemy, lumberjack. The little cloud knew he must defend his favorite trees before they were cut down and lost forever.
Your main objective in Lumber Zap free online game is to protect the big trees to the right of the screen. Zap enemies by clicking them. Collect souls from the flowers they leave to spend on upgrades in flash games.

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Play online beat'em up game Urban Specialist and save your town from invading soldiers. The streets are filled with enemies and you need to go to the battlefield bravely. You are bale to stop the crime and rescue the city.
Use your mouse to shoot and choose weapons. Q - previous weapon, W - jump, E - next weapon, A - walk left, S - crouch, D - walk right.
Don't let the army invade you home town in flash game. Beat them all and be the hero of your country. Shoot without delay and use bombs to kill the enemy.

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In Famous online game gives you the possibility to choose to play for good or for bad. If you choose good, use directional arrows to move Cole left and right. In case you see injured by the reapers person you have to use your energy to heal. Stand over the person and hold down X. After this your karma meter will be positive, many of your actions will affect this. You can recharge your electricity in online game using power ups throughout the game. Go to the power up and hold X to activate it.

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In Massacre At Camp Happy online game you are an alien warm who needs to reach the camp and eat everything that is there. Press arrow keys to move and space to eat. Eat land dwelling creatures to gain the ability to climb the trees. Sneak up behind animals that evade your attack to eat them. Use hints while playing the game. Eat water dwelling animals in online game to gain the ability to swim. You can only eat creatures your size or smaller. Eat hogs to grow larger and mice to grow smaller. Eat flying creatures to gain the ability to fly over crevices.

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There are many game modes, but basically your objective in More Zombies online game is to kill all zombies coming to eat your brain. To get new weapons kill a lot of zombies. Check the requirements of each weapon at armory sector. For every zombie killed you will get 1000 points. You will get more points as the multiplier increases. Get the multiplier up to 99 and a zombie will give you 99000 points in free flash game.
There are several achievements to unlock. Have fun with each weapon until you get all of them.