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Play online game Armed with wings culmination and become an insubmissive young warrior, which chases the evil Vandheer Lorde. The lord is ruling the lands with its icy grip. Your aim in this fighting game is to become a strong man enough to kill Vandheer Lorde. Use the arrow keys to move and the up arrow key to jump. Use the WASD keys to use your attacks and specials. Show that you can defeat the evil ruler.

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Make your way through the crowds of robots to save your home planet in Robot Legions online game. Achievements: first encounter – defeat 15 enemies. Mechanic – buy an upgrade. Ease come – have at least 100000 money at one point of the game. Juggernaut – buy all armor upgrades. Heavy weapons – buy all damage upgrades. Magnetizer – buy all cash magnet upgrades. The last stand – complete a level after the 9th one without moving. Warmachine – defeat 250 enemies. Craftsman – buy at least one upgrade in every category. Ease go – spend 200000 money throughout the game.

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In Armed Prophet flash game you play for the mad man, who is lacking blood. He has heard some news in a bar about zombies that have attacked the city. And he decides to kill them all and save the planet. Choose some of your weapon carefully depending on what level you select. And don’t let those beastly creatures tear you in pieces.
A – attack, S – jump, A hold – Spin Attack. You must charge death meter up to the first line. Beat up enemies to charge. Arrows – run, D – ultra mega death attack. Must fully charge death meter. P – pause, Q – quality.

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Play flash game Cactus McCoy 2 to save Ella and claim the treasure of Calavera.
Use such controls:
- movement: arrows – left, right; A-jump, hold A-jump higher; hold arrow down to dunk; hold arrow down and A to drop through platforms. Jump to ladders and ropes to grab them. Hold arrow down to drop down through ladders and ropes.

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Close…very close. I feel that we are near the surface. At last we climbed out… Good news. These foolish humans are waiting for us.
The horns and the hoofs are especially valued today in the castle. There is a hole in a basement that follows right in hell. Now demons coming out of there without ending crushing our valuable furniture and doing other darkest things. So will we stand and look at this dirt? No. You’re going to show the monsters who is the boss.
Play online game Cracked Horn and use such controls: a,d-to move, w-to jump, s-change weapon or arrows, ctrl-attack.

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In Punisher online game your main task is to defeat great number of mean ninjas, husky guys and mad samurai using painful hold. Don’t forget to collect gold and replace your life line. The main character is strong but not immortal.

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The grandpa has always been loyal to local scum making mass in his district. But when the ball hits his window at the middle of the night – that fills up the cup. Play flash game Kung Fu Grandpa and help him go outside to clear up the situation with the help of old good feet and hand kicks.

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In Metal Slug Zombie Revenge flash game you will need to shoot crowds of constantly attacking zombies. The ammunition is limited, so reload in proper time in order not to get into trouble. The skills of the character will grow with each killing which will help him to go to the next level where you will find and collect new weapons, and don’t forget that zombies get more enduring.

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Something terrible has happened during those 13 days after the catastrophe. Thousands of people turned to zombies and try to make all of the survivors to be the same. Play flash game 13 Days After and try to survive shooting crowds of zombies. Be very accurate – only the shot in the head will cause serious damages. And don’t forget to reload and avoid the infection.


Play free online game Achilles 2-Origin of a Legend and feel yourself as a mighty ancient warrior who doesn’t know fear. Alone, he is ready to resist the whole army of enemies using skillfully his sword and shield.

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Cognize the way of real warrior – assassin. Hide yourself and be reserved. In case of disclosure you can use your sharp blade which is always in your disposal.

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Manage the whole way of the hero in the desert. Fight against uncountable underworld creatures. Use various combinations, perfect your outfit and get your victory.

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You are an elite paratrooper fighter. The aim of your arrival on the enemy’s territory is inquisition of necessary information. Fight enemies and open secret passageways. Be careful - the opponents can be stronger than you.

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The object of the Flash Fighter online game is very simple - to beat up the bad guy :)
You can play versus the computer, or you can play the game with your friends. Choose your guy, and good luck!