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In Stag Knight free fighting game you can buy things in the shop between rounds. One round lasts for 60 sec. To buy stuff in online games simply click the item you want if you have enough money. Hold you mouse over the stuff to display info about it. Buy stuff by clicking on them if you have enough money. Before you can buy an electrical weapon you must buy a battery. The electrical weapons wont be useful if the battery runs dry. When you are finished press Go to continue to the next round.

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Welcome to Bee Boxing free online game. Bring down your opponent's hive to win the fight. Aim at it and hold down the mouse button to attack.
Use your shield by holding down the mouse button while flying backwards. Blocking your opponents with your shield will stop their attack, and may knock them out permanently.
Your little recruits lose health when they fly into the hive, or when they are blocked. A combination of attack and defense will allow them to heal from their wounds.

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Welcome you to Battle Masters free online fighting game. This game is based on a simple game: Rock Paper Scissors.
Click on one of icons to make a chance. If you win, you can control your character by command board. If you can't defeat your enemy, use Hard shell to increase your defense and potion to heal yourself.
Choose your character among 4:
1 – a good character balanced strength and defense. His skills cause quite large damage.
2 – he has super speed strikes enemy with his spear. Disadvantage point is low power but he has special skill to increase his limit quickly.

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Hit other players 5 times without being hit to get Race in Chaos Faction 2 free flash game. You can now perform a super-powerful Race attack by pressing Z or X. While jumping upwards (without holding a weapon) press Z to Uppercut, press X to back flip kick. Side-swipe can be used as a quick mid-air attack, to escape an enemy, to save you from missing a ledge etc: jump, tap Z and X simultaneously.
While falling , press Up to double jump in fighting flash game. While in the air, press down to stomp.

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Each character has a distinct special move of his own in Dhishoom Dhishoom online game for free. Use A for left punch, S for right punch, Spacebar for block, Use arrow keys to navigate. Use different key combinations for special moves.
As soon as the game starts try to show all your mastery and quickness in response. Don’t let your opponent defeat you. It is your time to relieve pressure which you can’t obviously repeat in real life. Don’t waste time, having such opportunity you can show who the main on the arena is.

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In Undead throne fighter flash game, you play as a zombie with a mission to kill everyone and get the throne. You have risen. For too long the draconian continent has stagnated under the shadow of the three elder dragons. The time has come for a new ruler who will bring order to the different creatures that reside within these lands. Rise forth and slay all who stand before you, and claim the throne that is rightfully yours.

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In Sands of the Coliseum online game you will create the character with the skills you like and start the fight on the famous Coliseum arena.

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This land is dying, under the bloodthirsty rule of the Shogun and his Daimyos. In one of the endless skirmishes, some soldiers entered a village and slaughtered everyone they found. Except one. A lone survivor – the Samurai. Now he wanders the land, vengeance burning in his heart. He will end this war. He will have his revenge. He will cleanse this land.

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You’ve come to take back what was stolen from you. Click anywhere to throw ninja stars. Try using the WASD or arrow keys to jump and move around. Press down for quick drop. Yu can double-jump too. Also, try double-tapping left or right to perform quick dashes. In Ninja cat episode 1 fighting flash game, you play a ninja cat seeking vengeance! You have gone to a far away land to take back what is yours.

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You are engaged in combat in Legend of the void. Your enemy will always be on the right side of the screen. Select a skill to use by clicking on the skill icon. Once the skill is selected you must click on the target you want to use it on. You can increase combat speed and turn off help popups in the Options Menu.

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The creatures of the other world want to show who the main here is in Portal Defenders online game. You need to stop them, as they are attacking constantly from two portals with big numbers. Kills them all and be prepared for meeting with Boss. Choose your hero and don’t let the guest from future capture your world. Collect their brains and other organs in order to restore your health. Beware the boss is throwing thing you can’t predict. Try not to waste time, move fast and attack as soon as possible in order to decrease potential hits.

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You have received information about a mysterious organization conducting strange experiments in the north. You have arrived and need to check it out before reporting back to the king. In Dash’n Knights flash game you need to attack enemies and defend yourself. See the instructions to know all the specification. Choose the “Move” command, and click on the direction of the nearest wolf to approach and attack. Any unit that you collide with will automatically be attacked. “Push force” determines how far you can push enemy back with your attack.


Even Super Heroes have nightmares. Play online game Captain America – Nightmare and help the captain cope with bad dream where terrible dangerous monsters want to attack the base. Fight them back, learn their moves and make all possible to save the captain alive in his nightmare. Captain America shouldn’t die. Survive this nightmare by protecting your base and make the maximum score destroying your enemies. Use arrow keys to move. Z – Kick, X – Block, C – Throw Shield, Space – Power Up.

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Decades prior to the Great War, all four Nations were living in harmony under Avatar Kyoshi’s watch. In a competitive spirit, the very best Bending Masters from all four Nations gathered in a unique tournament. A tournament that would forever be remembered. Under Kyoshi’s watchful eye, all Masters bended it out until the 20 best were remaining. Whoever would win against such opponents would not only win fortune, but eternal remembrance as well.