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Arm of Revenge free online game is calling all the fighters on the earth. Now you got the most fun fighting/action game. Touching story, smooth moves, more than 30 skills to combo, 3 types of arm to change, survival mode etc. Challenge your friend and hit the highest combos! Remember, this will be the most fun fighting game you never ever seen on the Flash platform. Try switching to Gun Arm or Blaze Arm...Unlimited combo combinations are waiting for you to discover.

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On Wild West the strength fetches a good price. Play Wild West Boxing Tournament and prove that you are a real boxer and nobody should cross your road. Fight with different opponents. The rounds are not long, so try your best in each of them. Use various blow combinations, but don’t forget to rest and recharge you power.

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Running after beautiful girl is great. But what if she already has a heavy cat?! In The Jersey Situation flash game you will need to solve this dilemma with the help of your fists. Block the hits and make good strikes.

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Play Samurai Tournament online game and become a real samurai fighter. Fight with strong opponent, parry a blow, make shattering attacks. The control is managed with a mouse.

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In case you like to read tales of chivalry you will definitely like The Lance flash game. Choose the knight and his name and take part in the tournament to defeat the most eminent knight of the kingdom.

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The king has lost his sons in heroic battles, and now he arranges the tournament to find the real knight who can occupy his throne. Play online game Knight Age Jousting and use your chance to be the funder of the royal dynasty.

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In Tactical Combat free online game you will check who is the strongest on the Olympus. Will Zeus or Cupid win the palm of supremacy? Make the tournament and estimate everyone’s chances among all Immortal.


In Danny Phantom The Ultimate Enemy Face-Off flash game you will play for a ghost. You can create your own character and begin the fight. Your aim is to conquer 10 opponents.

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Small and defenseless bunny has been attacked by gang of bad bunnies. In Bunny Kill 5.1 flash game you will have special weapon with the help of which you will fight and defend yourself from their attacks.

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You have a chalk-drawn character that needs to fight against others on the school blackboard. With each level you get scores and bonuses with the help of which you can improve your character choosing different weapon and armour.

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Hockey is a sport of real men and fighting here is a usual thing. Take the control over one of tough guys. Explain the opponent why he is not right with the help of feet and hands hits.

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Mowgli and Sherkhan need to look into their old showdowns and decide who the real jungle King is. In order to solve the argument fight with predatory cat and try to win in boxing ring.

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Who do you think is the best fighter among Christmas characters: Santa, Frosty, or maybe Elf?
The following is a 1 on 1 fighting game, where it is up to you who gets to be the best. Play it yourself or bring over a friend to have even more fun. Unlock new characters.
Use arrow keys to move,
"A" for fast punch,
"S" for fierce punch,
"Z" for fast kick,
"X" for fierce kick.
Good luck! And Merry Christmas!

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AB: Spindle is a funky fighting online game. Your objective is to fight bikers, gangsters, and all kinds of punks that you'll be meeting along your way. Choose your weapon, be quick to change the controls to defend yourself and attack the bandits.