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Quite exciting and incredibly gory game for the fighting games lovers.

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This is the ninth part of the already legendary flash-series Fight Man Xiaoxiao. Try yourself as the main character.
To play this online flash game use the arrow keys to move and Z, X and C to fight.

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Championship Cock Fighter online game requires two players as it is quite difficult to play for both cocks. Besides, it is way more interesting and challenging to play against each other. Use the letter keys to control the cocks.
Get loads of adrenaline in Championship Cock Fighter online game.

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It's very dangerous to walk at night in a wrong place. Especially here, where the streets are full of criminals-hunters.
Walk carefully and quietly, so that the gangsters don't hear you or they'll cut you down. Use the controls to adjust the loudness of your steps.
Pick up the weapons on your way, protect yourself.
Find your way out, fight all the hunters that you come across. Hurry up - get the hell out before the break of dawn.
Use the arrow keys to move, SHIFT - to sneak, Z - for the action.

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This little ninja turns into a real tough guy when it comes to rescuing the Princess in 3 Foot Ninja II online free game.
Take your time to get the game at whole - get all the bonuses hidden everywhere, collect four pieces of the Golden Scarab. Fight the little enemies.
Enjoy the journey in a far away place, and get the Princess back!
Use the arrow keys to move, and A, S, D to fight.

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You are the Ultimate Potato - fight for your life while falling off a very tall building. there are lots of all kinds of enemies in this variation of the shooter online game. Unlock new weapons on your way to the victory.
Enjoy the Ultimate Potato free online game!

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Run away from the T-Rex, fight the enemies on your way with your martial arts skills.
Press the arrow keys to run, use the "A" key to fught, and the "S" key to jump.
Will your enemies eat your rust? Let's see...