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Can you survive the mummy onslaught as you enter the tombs of death? Upgrade and buy new weapons in the local mummy store. Pay with your blood!!! Muhaha, Mummy Tombs online game will check whether you are brave enough .
Be careful, don't use too many hitpoints in the store, as you will probably die when you leave it.
Use usual for flash games controls: arrow keys for movement, Space for fire and X - toggle weapon.

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Oh brave adventurer, your task in free flash game Mummy Tombs 2 is to enter the Tombs of Death to find treasures beyond imagining. This is a simple task, except for the hordes of blood-thirsty mummies guarding the treasures.
Explore the tombs in flash game, pick up treasures, avoid trap doors, and blast the mummies to hell and back.
But new weapons by going to the local Mummy Store and pay with your Blood.
New weapons become available after you kill mummy bosses. Good luck and try not to die in flash game.

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In free online game 2mazed you will be in charge of control of two small creatures which need to get out of the maze. Both of them have simultaneous mirror control, that means if one moves right, another moves left. Take Green and Orange to the portal simultaneously/ Shoot enemies and traps. Enemies are fatal. To release a caught character, shoot the trap with the second one. Undestroyable ghosts swap the characters. Mind the time in free flash game and collect different items.

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Your task in The Amazing Card Keeper free online maze game is to collect credit cards over 10 levels. Collect as much as you can. Coins are just a bonus points. So you can choose whether to collect it in certain situations.
Avoid opponents in gray coats. They also seek cards and coins. Collect ATMs, thanks to them you will become invisible for a few seconds.
To control your hero use arrows on the keyboard. Esc button to pause/back to the menu.
Each level of free online game offers you a different number of opponents, and difficulty.

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Play online game Eruption Disruption and collect the balloons to gather your research. Move your mouse to fly the plane. Avoid the clouds as they damage the plane. When a volcano erupts, the ash cloud has a major impact on commercial air travel and we need your help gathering research to find out why.
You must collect as many of the research balloons as possible in flash game without flying your plane into ash clouds.
Flying through the ash clouds causes parts of your engine to fuse together resulting in power failure.

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In online game FWG Pursuit you've just robbed a bank and your objective is to race around the city streets in your hotrod and to drop the money off at key check points.
After the money has been stowed away safely get to your hideaway before the cops catch you.
Look out for things that will help or hinder your escape from the police. Use arrow keys to control the car. You can make your vehicle by your own.

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In Legendary Thieves online game there are various types of both Main Mission and Extra Mission. The details of them are shown in the beginning of every level. You can view it again by pausing the game.

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In Paccoland maze online game you will have to hold down the mouse button to increase your power. Hold button to charge power, release to fly. Tap the button quick to brake. Collect all the coins to open a portal. Fly into the portal to enter the next level.
Fly into the wormholes to beam yourself. You better avoid hungry monsters. Bounce against fragile stones to crush them and have the way out.
The pills will turn you into a monster eating berserk. Don't waste time when you become the monster, it is not for long. When you turn back in your shape, hungry monsters can eat you suddenly.

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Welcome to the Maze Fantasy free online game. Use the arrow keys to move the little wizard. Collect all the Green Crystals within the time limits allowed to complete a level. See the number of remaining Green Crystals at the bottom left. Red Crystals increase your score but are not essential to finish a level. Avoid monsters in maze free online games. The Red Dotted lines areas protect you from monsters. The energy balls make invincible for a limited time, destroy monsters using this opportunity. Take hearts, they add extra lives. The number of life is limited to four.


Use the arrow keys to navigate Indiana Jones. In every stage you have to get a key to unlock the door for the stage. Go for the holy grail.
Indiana Jones Great Adventure Game will take you into a little adventure. Help the main character find the way out. Play online maze game and enjoy numerous levels. A flash game offers beautifully crafted game dynamics, so let the games begin!

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Your task in Ninja Painter 2 free maze online game seems to be easy, but try this in reality. Play flash game using the mouse or arrow keys and WASD to move the Ninja. Your goal is to paint all walls and to get to the exit. Remember Ninja walks until he/she reaches the wall.
Take the paint.
Paint all marked walls.
Collect stars if possible.
Go to the exit.
Watch out you can fall through windows. Use the switch to block windows in maze flash games.

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Harry's heard stories about a golden hamster wheel built by an Egyptian Pharaoh for his precious pet. The ten pieces of the wheel are now scattered across the world, so you'll have to guide Harry though pipes and along paths, avoiding hostile rats and clearing obstacles. Move hamster with arrow keys, press space to pick up and drop objects, M - to show or hide the map in Harry The Hamster 2 online maze game.

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The goal of Chilly Challenge free online maze game is to collect all the crystals while steering clear of the mean creature. Use the arrows on your keyboard to move your character through each maze. If you walk on a tile containing a crystal, a bucket, or a key, you will pick it up automatically. Use the space bar to drop a bucket (useful to capture creatures - see below).

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In Treasure Caves online maze game you need to move using arrow keys. Dig the dirt and collect all the items to complete each level. Don't let a boulder fall on you or you'll be crushed. Rocks cannot move.
You can push boulders if there is a clear space on it's opposite side.
When you have all the chests, head out the door. If you get stuck, press the restart button, you'll lose a life and start the level again.
Complete all 10 levels to win the game.