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The objective of Short Path Puzzle free online game is to find the shortest step between you and your target. To do that, you must click the tile on the game board and connect you and your target. After that, click your target and start your move.
In the game you will meet some obstacles or step bonuses, obstacles will increase your step, and step bonuses will decrease your step.
Your obstacles in online game are: sheep, cat, dog, wolf. Bonuses step: flower, chocolate, candy.

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Blast your way through each level of Blast Force free online game by defeating the enemies using your bombs. Avoid the enemies and bomb explosions. Once you have cleared each level, the exit orb will appear somewhere. Grab this to exit the level. If your game is over, you may choose to continue, and may do so as much as you like. However, each continue costs you 15% of your current score.
Your arsenal in flash game consists of an infinite supply of bombs, however, you can only set so many bombs at once.

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The object of Vectorific online game is to collect the most points without going out of the arena. Avoid the dark circles as they will knock you out of the arena by bumping into you.
You can also gain points by knocking them out of the arena. Try to collect the yellow circles in order to get points. Collect black squares to briefly light the arena.

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In Undead Hunter online shooter game you can change weapons by pressing 1,2 and 3, but some types of weapon are unavailable. To gain access to them, you have to collect all their parts. You can see below how many parts you have to collect in order to open a certain weapon, and all the parameters of every weapon, such as firing range and damage.

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Move with the arrow keys or WASD in Unfinished Shadow Game. Collect stars to open new rooms. If you get stuck within a level press x to suicide. The moving scout-bot does not harm you.
The defense systems are light-activated if you stay out of the light, nothing will see you enter the light and you trigger the automated weaponary and there are some rooms where you want be safe as at the beginning.
Some stars are more difficult to collect than others. You don't have to collect every star in a level and you can always come back to the level via the map screen of free flash game.

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2062 AD. Contact with the first Martian colony is lost abruptly. After weeks of silence from mars, an unmanned reconnaissance ship, the Annie Jump Cannon, is sent from Earth to investigate the cause of the disruption. A rower sent to the surface discovers a mechanical nano virus has infected the colony's defense systems, turning it against the colonist. The only option is to send a rover to find and destroy the source of the virus.

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Road Blocks is a simple online game where you try to get the ball into a goal. Guide the ball using the arrow keys. The ball will continue in its path until it is stopped by a wall. If the ball hits a portal it will appear out of the matching portal traveling in the same direction when it entered the first portal.

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In Glean flash game for free you are the robot which needs to find the way out of the dungeon by digging his path through and collecting useful materials.
Use arrow keys to move. You can jump again while in mid-air for double jump. Hold down Space to activate the drill and move into earth to dig through it, you cannot drill into hard rocks.
Digging rises your heat, you can see your heat at the bottom right of the screen, along with your fuel and health.


In Ultimate assassin 3 level pack free flash game you are an assassin sent from the future to eliminate some certain targets. In every level, your mission is to kill green guy and escape. You have a time limit based on the difficulty level of the mission.
Use arrow keys to move. Assassin will apply knife to the target as you touch him. The extraction point will appear as soon as you kill the target.
Space- pause, M – mute/unmute.

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Play interesting puzzle online game Agent Bean and turn into real secret agent. You mission is to collect all secret materials. Don’t have any guards spot you. You will need to sneak through mazes of long offices, trying to be not noticed. The guards won’t see you if you stay from their backs, so your task to slip by as fast as possible, collecting every important material on your way. Only after you collect all cd-disks and documents, you will have the green arrow lighting you to the exit.
It is you change to fulfill a secret mission you dreamed about in your childhood.


Your objective in Drog King Dugans Dungeon Episode 1 free flash game is to clear each level of King Dungan’s Dungeon of monsters. This can be accomplished using only your Really Big Sword and your wits. Each room is a separate area that has to be cleased in a single session. If you leave a room without completely clearing it, it will be restored to its initial state when you return.
Use such keys to move in flash game:
Numpad and 789 UIO JKL - move around;
Q and W – rotate your sword;
Backspace – undo last move;
R – go back to lat checkpoint or restart;
Shift+R – restart the room;

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Welcome soldier, to Gare online maze game. Since the beginning of the hostilities you will start with a training ground for recent graduates.
Your objective is simple: find the teleport pad and we will open a transport matrix for you.
Stars perks is the star menu, in here you unlock some features that will aid you. Collecting 3 stars from a mission unlocks the perk relative to that mission. Hover any unlocked perk to see what it does.

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Play online game Journey of the mouse and choose a boy or a girl mouse (later you can change these settings in the Main menu).
Click on the Mouse to start the game. Control the character using mouse and collect all food items. Get the big cheese to finish the level.
Between-level shop id the place where you can buy items to use in next level using your coin balance.


Your task in Infinite monkeys bending reality free online game is to guide monkeys through a maze. Collect bananas and use the power of your mind to warp the level to your will.
Achievements: Well trained monkey – finish the game by doing exactly as the crazed scientist asks. There’s a good monkey.
Vengeful monkey – finish the game by destroying the lab. Self sacrifice FTW.
Infinite achievements – collect all other achievements. Go on, you know you want to.
Prison break monkey – find the quick and dirty way out of the sewer to finish the game a free monkey but alone.