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Welcome in the Crystal runner online game. Run around, unlock things, collect coins, rescue people and escape on a boat. Use the arrow keys to navigate each level. All blue crystals can be rotated to allow you pass through them. Step into the blue crystal and press Space to activate. Crystal world inhabits your greatest enemy, evil dwellers. They can be killed using bombs, otherwise you’re better off running.
Find a bomb and an extra life. Place bombs by pressing X or Ctrl. Use bombs to kill enemies, but be careful not to injure yourself.

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Your goal in Control gravity free online game is to use your arrow keys and control the rolling grenade on the rotating platform. Avoid different dangers: steam, spikes etc. Reach the green points to save the game, they are your chackpoints. You will need to pass 12 levels. But don’t think you will manage them very fast. First you need to get used to the controls as the picture turns around and you need to estimate each of your movement. Press the button to open the exit door and move to the next level. With each level you will get much more dangers: a lot of hot steam, cutters etc.

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The goal of the Mir and Ror online game is to get the green and purple characters in their respective exit. But watch out! The purple character moves the opposite direction of the green character.
You will need to play though 30 stages, each of which has its own obstacles, don’t step on the stone – it will fall down, and you will not have the way back. In any case you can restart the level and try to solve the puzzle again. Collect diamonds and reach the exit. Sometimes you will need to grab a key first in order to open the door leading to exit. Think your strategy carefully.

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Your task in Tree of life free flash game is to lead the fire element through the maze and collect all the stars. Click go to start moving. Take “arrow” and place it to change the direction of movements. Collect all stars to unlock the exit. Green arrow can be rotated while hero moves. “…” place gives you a short acceleration. Think accurately to find the best decision how roll the element. In case you reach a deadlock to can restart the game. The game has 26 levels to manage so you will need to think a lot in order to manage the game successfully.

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Your mission in The focus free flash game is to escape from the cage and manage the long way thorugh different dangers, pits pickets. Use your skills to run and jump across the obstacles and puzzles. Don’t forget to avoid rockets and bombs. With the time flow you will get a special focus power with the help of which you will teleport through walls and across obstacles. Use the arrow key to move to move. Hold the A key to use your focus skill. Try to make it out of the maze alive.

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Your task in Rich adventure free online game is to help the turtle maneuvering between some pits and sharp blades.
Move the mouse and the turtle will run after the cursor. Collect coins and jewels for bonus. Don’t fall down into the pit. You should use left mouse button for a jump. The green button helps you to open the gate. The fans can blow you in the pit. Activate the teleport. If you lose your life, you can continue from there. Activate all levels to get to the teleport and pass to the next level.

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All your brothers live in harmony with themselves and only you can’t suppress two wild personalities within. So you start your journey through many puzzling obstacles in order to learn to control yourself and find harmony in Morphicine flash game. Use spacebar to morph the orange and bluembert into greeny, and the other way round, to complete a level greeny must make it through the door. Try to collect all the fruits on the level. You will receive additional points for doing so. Greeny can’t squeeze through some gangways, however, orange can push bluembert though and then morph into greeny.

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The orb will follow your mouse cursor. Left click to change colors. Bullets that are the same color as the orb are safe to touch. Reach the orange orb to complete the level. Your aim in Bullet maze online game is to get the glowing orb to the end of the level. Click the orb to start. Don’t waste time and be accurate the orb is moving sharply. The game requires your fast reaction in color changing which you face from the first level. The game consists of 50 levels which will get harder and harder.

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Drag the path to the portal clicking on the ship and moving the mouse. You friends like you – its sticky plankton. Warning you might need to avoid laser pancers and missile towers. Find the safe rout to the portal. Click and hold the arrow at the end of your path run. Your mission in Blipzkrieg flash game is to lead your troops through mazes, avoiding defensive towers, capturing bases and stations to get to the portal in the quickest way possible. Use mouse to direct a blue circle and drag a path around the dangers.

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Your aim in the LabyrInk online game is to lead the ink ball through the maze collecting things which will help you to open the door – you path to the next level. Only completed key collected of several items will open you the way. Reach the door. Collect parts to open it. Inks – use them to get to another layer. Take clock to get additional 30 seconds. The time you have to pass the level is limited. Try not to waste it in wane. Watch for the sand glass which will add you some time.

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In Zombies & Donuts free online game angry zombie tries to eat brains of your friends and yours too. You can save everyone. Try to eat all donuts and lead your friend to the exit.


In The Adventures of Dear Explorer free flash monsters have stolen the girlfriend of main character. Go to the cave and find her. Remember the adventure can be dangerous, so beware various creatures.

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In online game Scuba your space ship has landed unsuccessfully on the unknown planet. In order to repair the main engine you will have to collect all necessary resources. The hard thing is that you will have to dive under water to find some elements, but in case you don’t come to the surface in time, you will die.

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In this part of free flash game Scramball 2 your main enemy will be the time. You will need to lead the ball through mazes and be on time. Sometimes the task will be not that easy to fulfill as the ball is constantly bouncing and the passages are too narrow.