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Play online game Piano bar and win the heart of lovely girl. The notes in the song appear and move from right to left. Press the key displayed on the note as it reaches the bar on the left of the score. You only have to play one note at a time. That is the melody line. The accompaniment plays itself in the background. The keys to use are: qwertyu, asdfghj. Now you need to be good, this is where the heart comes into play.

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Super Saimon flash game isn’t just usual memory game. This is a melody game where you need to see and repeat what this magic machine will show you and listen to those pleasant sounds.

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Play flash game Smurfs Jammin and enjoy the musical memory game. Remember in which order they sing and then try to reproduce the melody in correct order. Train you memory in a game form. The longer the combination is, the more points you get.

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Welcome to the club. Play Dj Fest 2 free flash game and become the best disk jockey. The only thing you need to do is to turn the record in correct direction in order to match the line. Good luck!


In Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3 free online game you will be able to choose among 10 guitars and 14 new songs to play in various complexity modes. There are also two secret guitars: in order to open broom guitar don’t press any button in the game, in order to open keyboard guitar make 999 mistakes in the game.


This is the second part of well-known guitar simulator. In case you like the first part you will adore free flash game Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2. There are new tunes and melodies to play.


What do you think is it easy to create a song? Play free online game Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe and create the music pressing necessary buttons in proper time. The only thing which is needed while playing this game is you fast reaction.

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At night black cats have started their performance. Play online game Roof Top Rollers and try yourself in playing violoncello, piano and drums. Be sure, you will have fun and the concert will be unforgettable.

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In LoopyLoops Bathroom online game you will play the melody in the strange bathroom. Each item utters unique sounds, which you can record and play. Press the rubber duckling, toothpaste tube and other items.

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Filipe Sheepwolf Mixer 2 free online game is a nice disk jockey simulator. There are a lot of abilities and tools with the help of which you can create real club music. Just try and have fun.

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In Drumming Bunny free flash game you simply need to play the melody you like. The drums are in your disposal completely.

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In case you are dreaming to be a disc jockey DNB-X005 Drum Machine flash game is created for you. The device doesn’t seem very nice and modern, but with the help of it you can change the track out of all recognition.

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The Bunny decides to win the audience of music stage. Play free flash game Bunny Rockstar and practice before the great concert. You will be able to tune your guitar completely, choose the accessories and the melody on your taste.

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Help your band to become famous - play songs real nice!
Score for every correctly performed note. Don't get pushed away - no need to actually perform. All you need to do is to line up the note catcher with the box the note is landing in. And, yeah, it is accompanied with the music.
Use the mouse to move your hand.