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You've started a new dream job - Frog Delivery Person for Froglivery Inc. Your objective is to deliver packages throughout the city in the best possible time and try not to get squashed by traffic or to fall off a building in flash game.
To optimise delivery times, your highway is roof and vehicle tops - city streets are just too crowded for a funky frog like you (not to mention people like to eat your legs).

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Help Tarzan collect diamonds scattered through the jungle to give to Jane for their anniversary. Time is short. He'll have to brave the dangers of the animal kingdom to find the precious stones. Help him avoid obstacles and swing across dangerous water rapids and pitfalls while eluding alligators, panthers, and man-eating plants in flash game.
Use basic for flash games controls: arrows to move, spacebar to jump. Grab the vines to swing over dangerous areas. Jump on the backs of alligators to surf across waterfalls.

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In Romeo flash platform game you need to find Juliet and show her how much you love her when you play online game as Romeo. Use the left and right arrow keys to move around Shakespeare Country. Press the Up arrow key to make a jump onto platforms. Earn points be collecting the chapters from Shakespeare's plays. Be careful! Critters wander around Shakespeare Country but a quick jump on their head will soon sort them out.
Watch out for hazards such as vines and spikes. Moving platforms might help you across.

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Elastoman to the rescue! Can you save kidnapped citizens across the city? Can you bounce them to safety? Are you the right bouncy dude for the job? Your primary objective in flash game Elastoman is to bounce your way around the city saving the tied up people. The people can be seen as yellow dots in your crime fighting map. Once you save all the people, bounce your way to the rescue helicopter.
Watch out for criminals intent on your destruction - you can't hurt them, but they can surely hurt you.
Click, drag and release mouse to move Elastoman in online game.

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The evil Glorg has kidnapped your friends "Red" and "Green". After realizing what happened you feel immediately obliged to rescue them before it's too late. You don't know what awaits in these dangerous lands... fortunately you've got only one true passion: Jump and Run.
Greetings my blue fried in free platform online game Running Blue. Press arrows to walk. You can jump by pressing arrow up or X. Hold it longer to jump higher.

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The Slob is an interesting and fun platform online game. Move with arrow key, try jumping to the platform where necessary. You are a slug... keep an eye on your pH level on the pH graph. The pH scale spans from 0-14: the number 7 is the normal pH level. If you find yourself out of balance. It will hurt.
Things like oranges or citrus in flash game can add acidity to your system where things like soap can raise the akaline. Be careful what you eat.
Super Slime can balance out your pH levels so that you don't die. Watch out for dangerous plants/fungi.

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In flash platform game Tombs of Anubis you have to take a photograph of Anubis but be careful, his army of mummies are trying to stop you.
Use the arrow keys to control your character and hit spacebar to take a photograph.
Take pictures of the mummies to turn them into photos and collect the photos to complete each level.
Anubis doesn't like his picture being taken, watch out for the hazards that need to be avoided.

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The evil Hades has captured Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and you are the only one who can save her. Collect the hearts from each area of Hade's sky domain to reveal where Aphrodite is hidden. Watch out for minotaurs, falling platforms and other deadly obstacles...Can you complete all ten stages of online game?
At the end of each level, the evil Hades will appear to spirit Aphrodite deeper into his realm. Don't be discouraged - keep on forging ahead and you'll liberate the Goddess once and for all in Kylie Aphrodite free flash game.

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A long time ago, on the planet of Cybertron, an alien war was being waged between the two races of robots: the hero Autobots led by Optimus Prime and the evil Decepticons commanded by Megatron. Over the centuries, the Decepticons succeeded in seizing control of Cyberton, forcing the Aurobots to operate from their new city on planet Earth. Guide Optimus Prime through the dangers of the Planet Earth's catacombs to acquire primary sources of energy for an upcoming final battle on Cybertron in flash game Transformers Prestige.

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Batman needs your help. Take control of Plastic man and bounce your way through Gotham City, clearing all the booby-trapped platforms and eliminating any thugs. You can also use the keyboard in flash game Plastic Attack to navigate through most of the game screens.
At the end of each level, you'll find a thug. Press the arrow keys in the right order as fast as you can to complete each level.
Based on your speed and how many platforms you clear, you'll be awarded a gold, silver, or bronze medal. Forward Progress is for clearing everything without moving backwards in online game.

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Unknown aliens suddenly launch a brutal surprise attack. Caught unaware, Gotham city is severely damaged. Help Batman make his way through waves of alien drones and destroy the Alien Boss in Batman Revolutions free online game. Along the way you must collect Bat Items that attach to your Bat-Mobile chassis in order to transform into Bat-sub, Bat-tank, Bat-wing and Bat-jet, which will take you through different types of terrain in 5 levels. As usual, this is a one-man infiltration mission. Don't expect any official support. Weapons and equipment are on-site procurement.

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Play online platform game The League of Evil and use easy controls. Press Left and right arrows to move, X to jump, and tap X while airborne to perform a double jump. You can grab on to walls by pressing against them. Press X while wall hugging to perform a wall jump in such free flash games. A briefcase can be found on every level. Collecting briefcases is optional. they offer some extra challenge and the possibility to unlock achievements. Press C to attack in online game. Most enemies can be destriyed by attacking them. You can also attack while airborne.

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In Death Planet platform online game you have to kill all the worms to unlock the gate. Your challenge is to save your beautiful girl. When the time runs out you lose.

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In The Flood Runner 2 online game you have to run away from the flood, avoid obstacles and collects stars. When the wing bar is green the wins are activated. The speedometer shows your speed and distance traveled. Left click or spacebar to jump, double jump and to use wings. You can click to jump if your mouse is over the line on the right.