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The main task of each level is to collect the keys. The total number of the keys is indicated in the top left. Get the keys and exit the level as fast as possible to maximize bonus points. Don't forget to collect coins. If you complete the level and try again, all keys will be replaced with stars. In that case collect the stars and exit the level.

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Play online platform game Final Ninja and press arrow keys or WASD to move through the game. Use left and right or A and D to run, press Up or W to jump up. Click with the mouse to throw a ninja star to kill enemies. Click and hold to shoot out a rope you can swing from and climb up with. When hanging from the rope, use Up or W to climb up, and Down or S to climb down. Use left and right or A and D to swing each way.

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Two dinosaurs lived happily in the forest. They gave birth to a dinosaur egg. However, one day, they went out to search for food, they did not expect dinosaur egg was stolen by a large bird. They found out that the egg was gone when they reached home. So they decided to look for the big bird and get egg back. Will they succeed? Depends on you. Play online platform game Dual Color Fairy and help them now.
Red dinosaur use AD to move, W to jump, S to eat/place item, S to crash. Green dinosaur use arrow keys to move, Up to eat/place item, Down to spit fishbone.

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Run for as long as you can using just one button to jump from platform to platform. The game will try to throw you off by making the world quirky and confusing. If you\'re a risk taker, jump as often as you can to increase your score multiplier. Left click or Space to jump. Be wary of the tricks your mind can play on you.
Sequel to the first Glowrunner online game.

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Snowy the Bear has a very difficult task - to defeat all of the strange monsters and come back to his Arctic. And, of course, to collect the bonuses in flash games, the more you collect the better. Throw the snowballs into the monsters until they become big snowballs. Then come closer and kick it. Try to knock other monsters. This will give you a lot of bonuses and great scores in online game.

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Playing as one of Toucan Sam's nephews, you must run, jump, and fly from level to level while avoiding enemies and hazards. At the end of every level is a bottled message which Black Beak has left to the nephews. It contains a clue to where Toucan Sam and his nephews must go next.
Play online game Black Beaks 2 and use arrow keys to move, down to duck, up to fly, space to jump, space+down=beak stomp. Find bottle to clear the area. Receive bonus items: fruits - bonus points, coins - collect 100 for an extra life, bird - extra life, wing - add flight power.

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20 years afetr a nuclear war wiped out all life on Earth, Cosmonaut Laika Ludryyavka, code name "K9" receives a distress bark from a small mountain not far from where the first bombs fell...Hearing the puppies' cries, K9 enters the coordinates into the Muttnik's targeting system and engages the hyperdrive.

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A nasty bird has kidnapped your girlfriend Lucy. It is your duty to rescue her. Move in a 2D platform world and turn off the switch to stop the chainsaw before she is killed. Touching any enemy or falling from too high results in death and loss of one life. When all lives are gone you can continue the game but the score resets. You have to collect all the 11 keys to gain access to final level and face the nasty bird.
Move the character with the arrow keys, jump with space bar, press ESC to go back to title screen. The game features Mochi scoreboard system.

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Remember your favorite PacMan game? Now you have the chance to play flash game Pacman Platform 2. Use arrow keys to move and jump. Jump on the blue platforms to avoid ghosts. Eat 100 of gold bubbles to gain extra life. Eat different fruits for extra points. Jump on brow platform to move to the next section. Jump on red platform for a boost. Don't be afraid of ghosts in online games. You have two options: jump over him and continue or take the dot below to be able to eat ghosts for a short while.

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The tower of Dicedom has been a symbol of oppression for eons. Within this menacing structure are your friends, hold captive by the evil big D. Your objective in Super D online game is simple, climb the tower, rescue your friends, eliminate big D's hench dice. collect the faces of power and ultimately kill big D at the top. Look out for the colored keys that are required to unlock doors to different sections of the tower - you'll need them.
Power-ups will help you on your quest. Click them to activate or press their hotkeys 0-9.

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In this flash game you will play for Astro Kid. Make him move from the starting point to the purple portal. Important thing that he can't jump.
Use arrow key to move him to the cyan portal. Up and down arrow key make him climb the ladder. Once he reached the portal the level is completed.
There four types of terrains in different levels. Pock terrain is harmless, water and gas is dangerous try to avoid it. Slime is slippery, thing will slide on it until bump into something.

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Please Stop Running is a dynamic and challenging online game. Running is automatic. Try to remain on the screen. Falling of the screen will cause loss of life. Use mouse to aim your gun. Press the mouse button to fire. You can only shoot ahead of you. Guns are very dangerous in flash games. Use W key to jump. The longer you hold the button the higher and further you will jump. Jumping is extremely dangerous. Please use with caution.

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Play online game Bunny Adventure where you will need to take control of Ozzy. You are trapped within a dungeon made up of 10 floors. You must find the key on each floor to progress.
There are three types of enemies you will face:
Rounders: there are relatively slow and can be destroyed by jumping on top of them.
Spikers: Watch for the spikers on their back. They are faster than Rounders, but can be dispatched in the same way.
Headers: Much faster than either Rounders or Spikers. Avoid at all costs, due to the spikes on their head, they cannot be killed.


Hungry fire demon decided to collect beans for lunch, but it appeared to be been difficult, because he literally burns everything on his way. Help him to survive and get to the exit, untill all of the platforms don't get burned.
Use the Cursor Key to control Firebug to the end of each level of The Unfortunate Life of Firebug 2 free online game. As blocks burn they crumble and fall away. Firebug is invulnerable to fire but will die in water. Meet critters and collect Jellybeans along the way. Get to the End sign to finish the level.