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The carrot truck has spilled its cargo. Play online game Bugs Bunny Hopping Carrot Hunt and help Bugs gather all the carrots that have fallen out of the truck.
Use the mouse to move bugs left and right, and click to jump the gap while gathering as many carrots as you can.
When enemies appear on the ledge, you can jump over them or jump and land on them. Reaching the carrot truck is a checkpoint. When you lose a life, you start at the last checkpoint of online game. Large carrots give you a power jump.

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Play online game Georganism 2 and help jellies return on their island where a volcanic eruption had happened. Every jelly has different abilities, combine them to get special powers. The jellies wait for your help in online game.

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Hope you are ready to receive your official rights for entrance on human lands. The portal to them human realms is a long way from here. It's hidden rather well so the fairies don't get to it, but if you follow some instructions you should make it eventually.

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In Ninja Plus 2 flash game you will need to pass through numerous level avoiding dangers. Move with A and D keys. You must collect all coins to complete the level. Press Space to throw a lightning fast Kunai to obliterate your enemies. Press and hold the left mouse button to fire the rope. Press the W key to jump. Hold against a wall to begin wall sliding. Push the W key to jump off. You don't always have to collect the coin with your body. Try shooting it.
Aim with your mouse in online game. Avoid and defeat enemies. Wall slide – hold move keys towards the wall until slide is achieved.

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In Mario vs. Donkey Kong free flash game Mario saves the princess from the clutches of a huge gorilla. She climbed the hill and decided to rest. Walk past all the obstacles and save the princess before the gorilla does not suspect anything. Save your princes and be the real hero through numerous challanging levels.
Use such controls in the online mario game: press arrow keys to move left and right. Press Up and Down to climb up or down a ladder. Press Space to jump, press P to pause the game. Press M to mute the game, N to mute music only.

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In the distant future, mankind has completely disappeared from the face of the Earth. Its inhabitants are robots. Among them, set a very strict hierarchy and all the robots that did not meet stringent requirements are to be destroyed. The protagonist of the Crashbot online game - the robot, which should have been destroyed, but he escaped. Hiding from the robots - the guardians of the law, take the robot away from this place, a place of destruction robots.

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Once upon a time in the town of Ichbindubistburg lived a brother and sister named Kleine, and they loved to travel. One day they decided to set off to look for better luck in distand lands. They went somewhere they didn't enev know, without a plan of action and any information about the area. They need your help in these strange and dangerous places.
Use arrow keys to control a character in Kleine Castle free flash game. Up or X to jump and double jump press to jump higger Up+Up. C or Space to attack with a sword, B to throw a bomb, P pause screen.

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Steam droid time trials is an interesting platform online game, where you need to shoot everything on your way, it tends to kill you. We say “it” because you play for the robot, and everything attacking you is also not alive. Those are just pieces of metal, but they are very good programmed and will chase you everywhere. Beware and be ready to defend yourself.
Use mouse to aim and left click to shoot. Use arrow keys or WASD to move, jump and duck. Collect scrap tokens to upgrade your droid and purchase power ups in the scrap shop.

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Strike Force Heroes free online game setting is a hidden research facility in an unknown location in the ocean. You are a scientist that had something wrong with his experiments. When he woke up his lab was full of soldiers. Try to discover what had happened and be careful in best online games.
Some soldier’s classes or weapon types may work better than others in certain situations. For example, if a sniper weapon on your assassin isn’t working in small map, try using a melee weapon.

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The Great War left Europe in ruins, that’s what Steamlands Player Pack online strategy game about. After the last war machine had been silenced, the people were struggling to rebuild civilization. Pirates in great steam tanks now roam the lands and a mercenary tank commander must venture forth through the wastelands of New Britannia.

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Angry beaver had stolen your Nom’s nuts. But he can’t live without nuts. Help Nom collect all of them thrown all over the place. Avoid or destroy enemies: birds, snails and others. Jump over the precipices and be careful nut collector.
Walk with AD or arrows, Jump with W and arrow up, use double jump when needed – press jump after jump, when in the air. Use watershots to get rid of annoying creatures around – use spacebar.
Play Nom Nom platform online game and collect nuts to earn big hearts. Big heart – add one heart, small heart – restore one heart.

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Your girl has been stolen by other ninja you need to save her in Ninja cradle free online game. Aim with mouse and click to jump. You will play through 24 levels. Watch out for bamboo spikes. With your magic diapers you can stick to walls and ceilings. Get to the portal to pass to the next level.
You can stick to steel blocks, try doing a double jump in mid air. Hit green button to open the gate. Don’t fall into the abyss, jump carefully. But remember you have a limited energy and number of jumps. Watch out for deadly shurikens.

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In Nightmare runner online game you automatically run from monsters which attack you from all around. You need to collect different items that will bring you: experience, shotgun, bomb, multiplayer, shield. Your only task is to jump or double jump with any controls you want: space or up or W or Left mouse click.
You will get achievements for how you run, jump, and kill monsters.
With each level you will be able to get new skills: double jump, faster fire, more powerups, higher jump, free shield, double shield.

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You need to save your beloved girls from the evil monster. Climb higher and higher in this challenging Lava climber free flash game to save your love. Be careful, the lava is rising quickly. Don’t misstep otherwise you will be taken back to the beginning. Try not to fall. Use the arrow keys to move. Achievements: Successfully finish the story mode. Story mode finished in 5 deaths or less. Godlike – story mode finished without dying. Successfully finish the Challenge mode. Use arrow keys to move – up to jump, down to crouch. MS – Mute, P – pause, Enter – Retry.