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Welcome to the Sticky Ninja Academy where you can learn the secret art of Ninjas. Go through a intense course of the Master that will teach you all the tricks that he was learning in a lifetime. Your main weapon is a precise jump that will leave your enemy no chance whatsoever.
Play Sticky Ninja Academy online for free along with other great games at

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An incredibly cute classic Mario game - with a spin on Halloween theme. Mario got locked in a huge dark castle on a scary Halloween night. There are eight rooms in the castle. Collect the coins and find a star in ech of them in order to get out.
Use the arrow keys to play Super Mario Fright Night online game.

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Here is Hot Pepper vs Water competition. Who is going to win? Find out for yourself - play the game online. Do not touch the water buckets.
Use the arrow keys to move.

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Who is Mr. Mothball? It's a funny little round guy. Collect those purple stones, they give you points. Try to collect as many of them as you can before proceeding to the next level. In order to move omto the next level, simply touch the big gray stone. You have an unlimited amount of lives. However, those red tiny moth monsters will take the points away if you touch them.
Use the arrow keys to play Mr. Mothball online game.

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Fault Line is a real awesome online puzzle platformer. You play as a robot with unique capability to fold the space. This way you can walk through the walls. Join the markers to join together with your mouse. This action is reversible - if you need to unfold the space, click again on the markers. To play the game use arrow keys or w,a,s,d.
Have fun!

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Meet the Fantastic Duet 2 - an online platforme game with the two legendary heroes - Super Mario and Super Sonic. Choose one of them and let's go!


Somebody stole Santaman's iced muffins. Could the Santanette have eaten them? Probably, not, as there were 300 of them. Although, she is not skinny at all. Anyway, Santaman needs his iced muffins. He is very hungry. Help him to collect them all. Hide from the enemies along the way.
One of the greatest platform games to play online! Check it out!

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This online game is a great combination of a shooter and a platform game.
Walk around the city, shoot the enemies, rescue the kidnapped people from the cages,
Use the mouse to aim and shoot, and the arrow keys to move.

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Don't Look Back is a very simple yet very addicting online game.
The graphics is minimalistic, sort of a retro game. TYou task is to find your dead wife's soul and bring it back to the tomb, so that it rests in peace. You'll meet monsters, all kinds of weird creatures, and other thtreats along the way.
Use the arrow keys to move, the space bar to shoot.

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Help Panic save the Chocoland from the Evil Red Guy. He planted bombs all over the plant. Collect those bombs - they are timed, get to the next level. Those moving eyes, screw rockets, lightnings are the "lesser bad guys" - your enemies. Once touched, you life is gone.
Use the space bar to jump - the more you hold - the higher you jump. The arrow keys move Panic.
A really addictive game, so plan your time ahead!

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Planet Platformer is a real fun online game where you need to jump from wall to wall, collect points, and watch out for the menaces. Looks very much similar like a classic Mario game, although all takes place on the planet.

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Who doesn't like achievements? These, probably, are the easiest ones.
There are no enemies or beating somebody's best scores the best. Just move around, avoid the threats.
This game is very different from the online games that you've used to. Just relax and see where the destiny guides you.
Use the arrow keys... Carefully ;)

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Complete this one and only level of the This is the Only Level online game. Be careful not to jump onto the scissors, use all the helpful objects around you to get to the end.

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This game is really fun and easy. Walk along the path, collect candies, flowers and other things. Beware of the monkeys - jump over them.
Use the arrow keys to move.