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Have you ever wanted to have superpower abilities? Hey, your time is now! Use your telecinetic powers to walk through objects in order to get to the red exit by jumping up and over the obstacles. You can always reset the part that you just played by pressing the "R" key.
Use the arrow keys to move.
Use the mouse to control the supercinetic powers - right click on the obstacles you need to move.

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Help Binky go back to his planet. Go through the 20 stages. Destroy the enemies on your way. Try to complete the game as fast as possible. It earns you higher scores.
Enjoy this online game!

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Meat Boy is an unusual platformer online game where you will try yourself out as a piece of meat in the most real sense. Your objective is to save your beloved (in the bandages) from the evil embryo in the tube.
Meat Boy leaves a bloody trail after himself, the jaunty music adds to the whole creepiness of the experience.
The Meat Boy can jump high, although is afraid of cutting, stabbing, and burning objects ... Would you able to confront and withstand his enemy? Let's see!