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Your mission in Defend your nuts flash game is to help the squirrel to defend his acorns from waves of evil monsters. They are birds, zombies, giants and others. Click and hold to aim the bow. A fully charged bow shoots further. Upgrade the bow to shoot more arrows. Monsters can drop money and ammo. Pick them up by simply moving the cursor over them. Headshots always do bonus damage (except rockets). Killing a monster quickly awards more points. You have many upgradeable items and weapons at your disposal. You will have to fight half a dozen monsters, and win the boss battle on stage 20.

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You need to defeat undead minions of evil wizard in Ruperts zombie diary shooter flash game. Select the location you want to start the fight: Home, Scotland Yards (10 zombies), House of Parliament (5 enemies), Tower Bridge (5 enemies), Streets of London (40 enemies). In Skills Merchant shop you can buy stuff and improve your abilities. Fight against harder enemies to make it more challenging and for a larger money bonus at the end of the level.

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Move your plane with arrows in Steampunk shooter free flash game. Your mission in Steampunk Shooter is to shoot down enemies with your weapons, drop bombs and more.

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The year 2044, everything was peaceful until one day aliens attacked the land. One soldier can save the planet and destroy all enemies. This soldier will be you. Your task in No More Aliens fun shooting game is to kill each wave of different alien enemies. You have a big variety of weapons: Shotgun – powerful, but slow weapon. Pocket launcher launches rockets. Laser, Flame thrower, homing missiles, turbo machine gun, turbo shotgun, big rockets, turbo laser, turbo flame thrower, turbo homing missiles, B.F.G.

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Defend mushroom glades from hungry animals. Collect all coins. You can use them in the shop. Diamonds are much more expensive than coins. Destroy crystals to get small diamonds. Cardboard boxes can be destroyed with any weapons, they contain guns. Wooden boxes can be destroyed by bombs or guns, they contain bombs or traps. Black safes can be opened with a key, they contain a single weapon, bombs and traps. Silver safes can be opened with a key, they contain many coins and small diamonds. Gold vaults can be opened with three keys. Vast riches wait inside.

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The first note in a diary: I made a decision. More and more cities become zombie’s colonies dropped into the darkness. Earlier, I have only heard of soldiers who left by the army who try to clean the cities. One of them saved my life and I joined them. There aren’t too many of them that is why they work alone. He gave me a gun and I want to try. This is my decision.


Ivan happened to be alone on the Siberian base, but wait, not alone. He is surrounded by terrible mutants eager to eat him. Shoot back from monsters, earn money to buy new weapons and improve your skills.
Play online game Ivan vs Mutants - chilled edition, aim by mouse and use left click to shot.
Hold space and use mouse to select weapons.
Use WASD and arrow to run. Upgrade armor make you stronger.
When monster is frozen he is crashed just by touch
Upgrade Loot to get more points from monsters.
Each upgrade of weapons makes it faster and more powerful.
Upgrade speed to run faster.

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In Zombie Assault flash game completing missions earns you XP and money. Money buys you gins and ammo; XP lets you level up, to unlock new skills and new guns to buy. Failing a mission will give you much less XP and qutting mid mission gets you nothing. You fail the mission if you die in a singlepleyer, or if all players are down at the same time in multiplayer.

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You succeeded in destroying the target, but that was the easy part. Now you must get to the runway and escape in one piece with enemies hot on your tail all the way. Heavily inspired by the Runway level from Goldeneye 64, this action shooter combines intuitive controls with exciting gameplay. Control the plane (A & D) to evade and shoot with the mouse to destroy.

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In this Sea-Food and Shoot It flash game you will need to hunt not ducks like in famous Duck Hunt on Dendy but deep-water fish. And in addition you will have stronger weapon. Yes, and remember that hunting dog? Here, you will see the diver who is absolutely invulnerable.

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Cat-aliens have stolen the eggs, and birds decided to take notice. In online game Cannon Bird 3 you will need to help birds and destroy cats. You will have different birds with various abilities. Use not big amount of birds and get the high score.

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Help this soldier to defeat zombies in online game Zombie Terminater. Throw grenades and destroy their shelters. You will definitely need to choose correct direction and the power of throw. And remember the grenades are limited.

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Help the character of Cannonball Follies 2 flash game reach the treasures. In order to do this you will have to aim the target with a cannonball. With each step the target will be harder to hit. Be accurate and don’t waste a lot of cannonballs.

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Epic Stand free flash game is about the wizard who needs to protect his castle from angry monsters. Orcs, demons, werewolfs and other terrible creatures try all their best to destroy the castle, but you can help the wizard to save it. Use the spells in order to destroy monsters and get their skulls with the help of which you will learn new spells later and will have the ability to improve the castle and his defenders’ characteristics.