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Darts game is rather entertaining and popular. But what if you play it in a circus style, placing the targets on the moving board near the real person. You will have to aim the target and not hit the man. It doesn’t matter how many tries you take.

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Horde of spiders is the scariest nightmare for many people. But in case you are brave you can try your abilities in this game. Take a fowling piece and spread blood of spidery on the ground.

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Welcome to elite “Stars” department. You will meet cute but angry creatures. Shot off the monsters with the help of the best and improved guns. Be ready to meet the boss.

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Homer has taken the weapon and shots anyone he wants. The further you go the more enemies you get. Try to shot in head in order to receive higher score. Do not miss the opportunity of street shooting.

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Shot as many balls from the platform as you can. To do this – choose necessary shooting balls which have definite value, take aim and power of the shot. Make your best shot in orede to get better score.

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It is a game about space invaders in new black and white graphics. The aim is to destroy the whole army, which is approaching fast. They are also shooting so you need to find shelter to hide. Don’t waste time – they will come closer and closer.

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It is a new version of the famous game. The task is the same - with the help of mechanic arbalest you have to explode the needed amount of balloons. The arrows are limited, so take aim carefully and choose the best power of the shot. You will be passing from level to level experiencing more and more difficulties.

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Small town is attacked by aliens. You are strong FBI agents. Do everything possible in order to protect people from these creatures. Shot their space ships, otherwise they will take people aboard. If the ship landed and aliens are walking on the ground – also shot them. They attempt to still people.

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King's Mercenaries is an epic RPG Shooter free flash game. Choose between Paladin , Ranger and Fire Mage to fight forces of evil.

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Now it's your turn to be the BioBalancer. Your task is to keep the six Earth forces i.e. Grass, Fire, Water, Thunder, Rock, and Poison in balance - between 0% and 100% during the whole 30 levels. What it means is that the Earth is potentioally at risk and now you are in charge of its destiny. Each of the forces has their own planet and attacks the neighboring ones. You will need to choose who to support and who to attack. That's a difficult choice. Do it online - play the BioBaalcer game, that's easy!

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A famous Zuma game has never been this cute! Meet the Little Bear Zuma and help him to defend his strawberry patch from invasion!
The rules are the same as in Zuma - shoot the balls in order to create chains of three and more matching colors, get bonuses once you create combos. The more - the better.
Add the Little Bear Zuma online game to your favorites and play it now!

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See what a Little Angel Archery Contest looks like. It is a very cute online flash game in which you need shoot the target and be as precise as you can. There are no limitations as for the amount of shots, hovewer you need to score a certain amount in order not to lose. Try to get as many bonus points as you can. Play as many times as you want, enjoy the great artwork and pleasant music.

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Practice archery in the Bow Man 2 online game, a sequel of the Bow Man. Choose who to play against - either versus computer or versus Human. The objective of the game is to shoot and kill the other archer. Remember the aim location, so that you do improve the next shot.
Practice as many times as you need, the game is not timed, and it's deffinitely free.

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Mario Hood is a real fun online game where you can practive your precision abilities as well as get to know what archery is like. Shoot the ropes your friends are hanging on to save them from death, be careful not to shoot the freinds themselves, though.
Collect coins as well.
Aim and shoot with the mouse. Have fun!