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Your task in The Amazing Card Keeper free online maze game is to collect credit cards over 10 levels. Collect as much as you can. Coins are just a bonus points. So you can choose whether to collect it in certain situations.
Avoid opponents in gray coats. They also seek cards and coins. Collect ATMs, thanks to them you will become invisible for a few seconds.
To control your hero use arrows on the keyboard. Esc button to pause/back to the menu.
Each level of free online game offers you a different number of opponents, and difficulty.

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In Cobra Squad free mobile game you will control up to 20 soldiers and survive from enemy attacks. Put your squad, click on the select squad, then select your members and click on the red area on the battlefield.
You can call the reinforcements and place it on the battlefield later on the next missions. Each army can be supplied by items and power ups. Click use all or click on the troops to use it.
To start the battle in free online game and send the next enemy to the battlefield, click next wave.

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Demolition in the future is done using the UFO punching method.
In The Knocker flash game you work for Puncho Muncho UFO Inc. (U build 'em, we punch 'em down!)
Don't let your company down, and punch those buildings to hell and back in online game. You're Puncho Muncho's top gun demolisher. You've been given the task to knock down 30 buildings across the city.


Gorillaz Escape to Plastic Beach free flash game puts you in the driving seat on Gorillaz journey to their new home on Plastic Beach. Out run the cops, evade the El Camino, attempt daring underwater rescues and use the doom glider to foil 2D's increasingly inventive escape attempts from Plastic Beach online game.

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The Slob is an interesting and fun platform online game. Move with arrow key, try jumping to the platform where necessary. You are a slug... keep an eye on your pH level on the pH graph. The pH scale spans from 0-14: the number 7 is the normal pH level. If you find yourself out of balance. It will hurt.
Things like oranges or citrus in flash game can add acidity to your system where things like soap can raise the akaline. Be careful what you eat.
Super Slime can balance out your pH levels so that you don't die. Watch out for dangerous plants/fungi.

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In flash platform game Tombs of Anubis you have to take a photograph of Anubis but be careful, his army of mummies are trying to stop you.
Use the arrow keys to control your character and hit spacebar to take a photograph.
Take pictures of the mummies to turn them into photos and collect the photos to complete each level.
Anubis doesn't like his picture being taken, watch out for the hazards that need to be avoided.

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Play online game Eruption Disruption and collect the balloons to gather your research. Move your mouse to fly the plane. Avoid the clouds as they damage the plane. When a volcano erupts, the ash cloud has a major impact on commercial air travel and we need your help gathering research to find out why.
You must collect as many of the research balloons as possible in flash game without flying your plane into ash clouds.
Flying through the ash clouds causes parts of your engine to fuse together resulting in power failure.

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The evil Hades has captured Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and you are the only one who can save her. Collect the hearts from each area of Hade's sky domain to reveal where Aphrodite is hidden. Watch out for minotaurs, falling platforms and other deadly obstacles...Can you complete all ten stages of online game?
At the end of each level, the evil Hades will appear to spirit Aphrodite deeper into his realm. Don't be discouraged - keep on forging ahead and you'll liberate the Goddess once and for all in Kylie Aphrodite free flash game.

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Before you start to play flash game Golden Gauntlet you have to choose your character.
Slash Sparks - the war guitar player, his clan was disbanded long time ago. Just a few remain active as mercenaries or assassins. The strength of Slash resides in his charmig melodies and the edge of his guitar.
Jifhoo DarkSkull - the spear warchief - one of the few lizardmen that kept the old lizard way of life and is not under the dark emperor control. He manipulates the fire and ice elements and can be versatile either at short or long range in flash game.

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Play online game City on Fire and be in charge of putting out a fire. Use arrows or AD keys to move firefighters. Use trampoline to save people by moving them to emergency medical technician.
Use down arrow or S key to move firefighters with extra speed. Hold up arrow or W key to throw people on a big height. Shoot clouds and birds to get bonuses. Collect stars to upgrade firefighters abilities in upgrade shop.

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Click the barracks to get soldiers and place them where you want in the trench in flash game Pet Soldiers. You can double click the barracks to fill all the empty spots if you have enough money (honors).
Click armor and give it to your soldiers. You can double click the armor to give it to all your soldiers. Click a weapon and give it to your soldiers, different weapons have different effects (hotkeys 1-7). In the right, you can click the cannon to fire a flare.

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Welcome to flash game Bunny Invasion 2. Use easy controls to manage your character and shoot all bunnies coming close to you. Select weapon with number keys, throw grenades with AS, Space - reload, fire weapon left mouse button.

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Your land has been ravaged by evil forces. Go out and defeat the evil that has come and bring joy back to your kingdom in flash game Knight 2.
As the game progresses, you and your weapons will gain XP points. Once a certain level is reached your weapon will be upgraded.
Killing enemies will get you weapon and HP power-ups to help you in your quest. Use WASD keys to move and jump, S key to change weapon, JKL - attack and super attack. It will use some weapon charge after used.

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In online game FWG Pursuit you've just robbed a bank and your objective is to race around the city streets in your hotrod and to drop the money off at key check points.
After the money has been stowed away safely get to your hideaway before the cops catch you.
Look out for things that will help or hinder your escape from the police. Use arrow keys to control the car. You can make your vehicle by your own.