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Once upon a time there was a small planet that had developed a society free from weapons of any kind. Like many pacifists they were the envy of many, and one day this envy turned into war.
Use your trusty salvage ship in online game Magnetic Defense to defend your base from the advancing hordes of enemies.
Move your ship around with the mouse in free flash games. Pick up junk by moving ship over it. Click to drop junk on enemies or hold mouse down to upgrade your ship. Drop junk on your base to upgrade it. An upgraded ship can lift heavier objects and enemies.

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Henry VIII only fights the best. Prove yourself against his knights first. You face Shady Sir Nicholas "Tricky Nicky" Carew, Master of the Horse, his plots will be the death of him.
Before starting online game Dressed to Kill choose your weapon and armour.
Sword - weapon of choice for the gallant knight. Fast, allowing you to stab or slash at vulnerable spots. Beware of opponents in the heaviest armour.
Mace - forget finesse, smash your way through the armour, or stun the man inside. Slow but steady, pound them down.

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Start a new quest in Warlord Heroes free flash game, battling your way across the land. Get as many kills as you can, and survive as best you can in an endless level of increasingly difficult enemies. Fight against elite warriors from each race in a series of 1v1 grudge matches. Complete episodes to unlock extra combatants. View the controls for playing and change options to improve game performance in online game.

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A long time ago, on the planet of Cybertron, an alien war was being waged between the two races of robots: the hero Autobots led by Optimus Prime and the evil Decepticons commanded by Megatron. Over the centuries, the Decepticons succeeded in seizing control of Cyberton, forcing the Aurobots to operate from their new city on planet Earth. Guide Optimus Prime through the dangers of the Planet Earth's catacombs to acquire primary sources of energy for an upcoming final battle on Cybertron in flash game Transformers Prestige.

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After choosing your allegiance in free flash game Black Sails, you have to embark on conquering a new world in a new age. You must capture all the towns on the map to win. You can navigate around to different towns and on the open seas. You will be challenged by nations and other savages. If you accept, you will enter battle mode. You can engage towns to try to capture them, But they are heavily guarded and you are advised to build up crew and guns. Or you can simply go into a town for trade.

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Batman needs your help. Take control of Plastic man and bounce your way through Gotham City, clearing all the booby-trapped platforms and eliminating any thugs. You can also use the keyboard in flash game Plastic Attack to navigate through most of the game screens.
At the end of each level, you'll find a thug. Press the arrow keys in the right order as fast as you can to complete each level.
Based on your speed and how many platforms you clear, you'll be awarded a gold, silver, or bronze medal. Forward Progress is for clearing everything without moving backwards in online game.

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Some time in the future, an evil person with a very dark aura wants to rule the world by taking forces from the stone age and middle age to bring them back to the future. Using a time machine called turanggamasa, he goes back to the stone age. The Police from the future comes into action, they travel back in time to defeat these criminals. Unfortunately their turanggamasa time machine is damaged, therefore they have to defeat the criminals and claim their turanggamasa to be able to return to the future.

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Unknown aliens suddenly launch a brutal surprise attack. Caught unaware, Gotham city is severely damaged. Help Batman make his way through waves of alien drones and destroy the Alien Boss in Batman Revolutions free online game. Along the way you must collect Bat Items that attach to your Bat-Mobile chassis in order to transform into Bat-sub, Bat-tank, Bat-wing and Bat-jet, which will take you through different types of terrain in 5 levels. As usual, this is a one-man infiltration mission. Don't expect any official support. Weapons and equipment are on-site procurement.

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Play online platform game The League of Evil and use easy controls. Press Left and right arrows to move, X to jump, and tap X while airborne to perform a double jump. You can grab on to walls by pressing against them. Press X while wall hugging to perform a wall jump in such free flash games. A briefcase can be found on every level. Collecting briefcases is optional. they offer some extra challenge and the possibility to unlock achievements. Press C to attack in online game. Most enemies can be destriyed by attacking them. You can also attack while airborne.

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In Death Planet platform online game you have to kill all the worms to unlock the gate. Your challenge is to save your beautiful girl. When the time runs out you lose.

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Play online game Ben 10 Ninja Spirit and use easy controls. Arrow keys to move, X - attack, Z - defend, Spacebar - jump. Tap spacebar again for an air-jump. Climb while near the climbable object. Roll through enemy attacks. Uppercut (can also be done mid-air) smack enemies into the air. Sacrifice - dive down on your enemies sword-first. Windmill - paralyse your enemies with a whirlwind of circular slashes. Sonic Slash - send your enemies flying with a devastating blow. 4-hit combo - unleash a flurry of slashes upon your opponents.

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In Age of Defense 4 online game you are a brave warrior armored by 3 type of weapons: throw object - hard control, high damage, use power bar. Arrow - normal control, low damage, use quick reload. Gun - easy control, medium damage, use lengthy reload.
Move mouse to the top screen to high throw. Move mouse to center screen to medium throw. Move mouse to bottom screen to low throw. Press mouse to increase power bar, release mouse to throw. Mouse move to change the direction in flash game, the red bar is your ammo. When your ammo is empty it will automatically reload.

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"I had the impression I was here for the right reason, but now I feel I have lost my way and purpose, in a was that isn't even mine". Your objective in flash game Sharp Trigger 2 is to get out of here alive and rescue any allies on your way...those of which were lucky enough to survive.
Use easy controls of shooting flash games: 1,2 change weapons, Q - switch quality, W - stand up/aim up. S - crouch to cover/aim down, spacebar - reload, left mouse - shoot.

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One of our outposts is being attacked by the Gual. Help the Romans defend it and learn how to play online games. Caesar. Thanks the Gods you have arrived. Vercing has begun a massive attack on our border. Your enemy is close, use arrows, but it might not be enough, when they decide to charge full force. The arrows aren't enough to hold them off. Keep your arrows and catapults firing in flash game. Don't forget to reload your supplies. Use WASD or arrow keys to move the screen.