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It is said that there is a magical place and we are in a completely different space with a different layer. The place called Egg Kingdom. Some day Mario traveled there, he was deeply attracted to the beautiful kingdom. But he did not expected the evil devil of fruit in order to capture Egg Kingdom, sent many terrible fruit magic soldiers to Egg Kingdom and conduct a brutal aggression.
So the people lived there ask Mario to fight against with devil of fruit to protect Egg Kingdom.

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Play online game Super Mario – Save Peach where you will need to save the princess. Use easy control, jump against the box and collect coins. Jump on the goomba. Duck in the pipe with arrow down. Jump on the stitch to remove the blocks. Collect the star to complete the level. Avoid sharp platforms and try to manage each level as fast as possible.

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In order to make basic steps in The Descent free flash game you need to use arrow keys and start walking. When you use arrows twice you will start running. If you walk or run towards the cliff, you will climb it. To climb you can use arrows up and down.
Beware different creatures which await you around each corner. They are blind but they will response to the sound you've caused. This monsters have 2 conditions, which each of them have mark:
1. (?) = monster will stop patrol and get more aware for the period of time.
2. (!) = monster notice you and will chase and kill you instantly.

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Just before saying the fatal “Yes” to a girl you don’t love you understand that it’s your last chance to escape. Because after, you can forget everything you like in this life. Now act quickly and see if you can catch the last plane to…wherever.
Play online game Wedding Fiasco and try to escape. Collect other objects to help you move through the game. Use items in correct order otherwise the bride with catch the bridegroom

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Soldier’s life is not that easy as it seams. Sometimes they just want to leave everything and escape those hard missions they are fulfilling.
In Soldier Diary free flash game you will need to help one of the soldiers escape from his post at night. You should act accurately as there are people around who can notice him, and there are many obstacles to overcome. You will need to interact with different objects and solve a lot of puzzles in order to escape. To do this you will need a lot of patience, but sometimes you will see hints helping you out.
Make soldier’s dream of escape come true.

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Once was a count who lived at castle Chameleon. A cruel man named Thrashwoode, quite Machiavellian. Inside the castle were two loyal assistants. But Thrashwoode cared not, and remained – ever distant.
His power and wealth left him no time for kindness, in friendship and love he was struck with blindness. For just one did he care, his affection fulfilled her, a beautiful princess known only as Hilda.

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The minions of Vulkhan have ravaged the Lands of the Great Northern Mountains unopposed. Crushing any hero brave enough to stand against them. Until now.
Your homeland has been taken over by an evil race. Anyone who dares threaten the race is destroyed. You have to save your land and country. Enter this mysterious and foreign land to level up and gain skills in Dungeon king adventure online game similar to Diablo. Fight giant bugs, gain experience, and defeat the evil power. Use the WASD keys to move around. Use mouse to aim and left click to attack.

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Welcome to a world of Kezira. You are a human wizard. Use A and D to move, and HJKL to use spells. Click to pick up or use items, and click or hit the Spacebar to advance in conversations. Right-click to toggle music. Your experience bar shows you when you will level up, health bar how much health you have, and mana bar how much mana you have – using spells uses mana. The Power stat reflects how strong your spells are. The Intellect stat is how much mana you have and how it regenerates. The Stamina stat how much health you have, and how fast you heal.

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Each of us has a guardian angel which helps us during the life. In My Angel flash game online you will be an angel guarding the character. You will need to clean up the life way from obstacles and dangers. The resolutions to different problems may be unpredictable.

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How you find yourself in luxury apartment of Ruby Loft Escape flash game is unknown. The only thing you know is that you need to escape. But there are rubies all around and you are thinking about taking some with you before walking away. Approximate the picture/screen in order to see hidden rubies.

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Help the Dino go through all levels of the Prehistoric Downfall flash game. This world is full of dangers and obstacles. Jump over the obstacles, slide the hills, throw skulls into the enemies or jump on them and stamp, collect eggs and reach the end of the level.

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Interesting Kio character fights with various wreckers in different bloody close fights in free flash game Cereus Peashy. The main aim of the game is to beat everyone with special jump-strike, and they will be destroyed under your weight.

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It seams like there is some life on Mars. Yes, definitely Mario is already there. He as usually needs to collect something. This time it is stars, so help him do this more effective and fast. In order to get to the next level you will need to collect all stars.

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You were simply driving your car and suddenly the fuel finished. But luckily the stop occurred near the Camp Crystal Lake. Your aim is to find can of fuel and kill Jason. Who is Jason you will discover later.