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Reemus and Liam have the chance to show themselves as heroes. The Kingdom can be captured be evil monsters any moment. But the way to epic fights is blocked by bureaucracy. Find the way to avoid paperwork and go ahead to save the Kingdom faster.

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Will the ancient Maya prediction come true? Check it while gathering the pieces of totem. You will have to solve numerous riddles of ancient nation. The answer can be wherever you go. They are hidden quite nice, so be attentive and have a ready wit.

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You control two robots, but as fate would have it they don’t have everything they need. One doesn’t have hands another – legs. But they are not desperate. They can help each other and co-operate in one unit. You aim is to lead them through all locations.

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Tank in Air is something you can hardly believe. However, it is quite possible. More than that, zombie is the pilot. There are as many menaces in the air as on the ground, if not more. Press the space bar or the left mouse button to keep the aircraft on the necessary height. Also, you have rockets in your posession, but use them wisely.
You can play the game online, this game is free.

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You are travelling Round The World on a very unusual way of transportation - you are using the air balloon. Avoid the birds and collect as many stars as possible.
The game is one of those real relaxing online games to play, so enjoy your pastime.

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Somewhere far away from the busy city there is a Forgotten Post Office, where people do still bring their letters or come there to pick up percels. Looks like the Post Office is still very busy, judging from the mess around there. Help the Postman - find all letters in the picture. The game is timed, however, you will get hints after some time periods. You can play the game online for free or even add it to favorites adn play it more and more.

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You are Bouncy Bob, your task is to get to the portal at the end of each level. Play online with music on or off, use your arrow keys to roll. dan the up arrow to jump.
Let's get rolling!

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Deep down in the cursed caves lie treasures of untold reaches. Your mission as a trasure hunter is to acquire al the treasure in each cave. Beware - the treasure must be posessed in exactly 7 moves or the tragedy shall befall. Play online as many levels as you like!

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The objective of this online game is to find who stole the Racoon's Towel. The Racoon is like the cutest ever animal, and this nasty guy steals the towel that the Racoon was so lovingly washing.
The game is incredibly enjoyable: the art work is really amazing. So, sit back and relax, and play the game online for free.

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The FD6 - Circus is a point and click adventure online game where you need to walk around the circus and help the friends to solve the mysteries by clicking on all the places. The game is in French, but it is possible to play without knowing the language. Hey, here is some education, too.
Use the arrow keys.

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You are on the vacation and took a tour of the ancient sailboat. Your tour group left the sailboat while you've been enjoying examining everything around. Now you need to get the way to escape the saiboat. Play around and take a thorough look at every little detail on the vessel.
Use the mouse to play Sailboat Escape online game.

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A very simple, yet a very fun game. All you need to do is to jump from skull to skull, not falling into the water. You can adjust the height and the strength of the jump.
Can you get to the other bank of the river?
Use the mouse to move.

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Race your snail so that it gets first to the flashing pocket before the other snails get to theirs. Think your way carefully: there are different Race your snail so that it gets first to the flashing pocket before the other snails get to theirs. Think your way carefully: there are different threats on the floor, such as spilt salt, peanuts. They reduce the slime level. In order to increase your speed slide over the water. What are those Lipton tea mats? They teleport the snail.
Use the arrow keys to control the snail, and the space bar to spin.

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"Thanksgiving Day sucks!" - says your crippled friend, as "there's nothing to watch on TV". But this one sucks even more, as Christopher Columbus insulted him on the national TV. The only way to get back at Columbus for the insult is to go back in time and make him apologize for that.
So, you are on your way. Collect things to build the time machine, fight the nasty lamps, shield yourself from the cactus prickles and other threats.
Use the arrow keys to move, "A" to punch, "S" to kick, and the space bar to throw magic sparkles.