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Everybody makes fun of the poor boy. He even got to the hospital because of the bullies. Help him gain popularity after he comes out from the hospital. Ruan away from the nerds, avoid dangerous objects on the way, listen to what people are talking about.
To play this game online use the arrow keys to move. And, of course, your brain :)!

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Fly your dragon, shoot the enemies in the Dragon Wizard online game. Buy your weapon, as you earn more money you will be able to upgrade it. Get to the end and kill the French Tyrant. Avoid the enemies' bullets.

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Ninja playing... golf!!! The fun in this online game is never-ending!
Play golf, be a warrior - defend yourself from the enemies along the way, evade from the threats around. There will be an ultimate power battle - met the fire breathing dragon at the end!
Use the arrow keys to move, "A" - to kick, and "S" to punch.

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You are the jellyfish. Your task is to collect all the fish in the water, avoiding boots and buckets. Everything gets picked up very easily, so be careful, as you loose points for catching non-fish items.
Each level lasts 30 seconds. Although you can proceed to the next one before the time is up by pressing the space bar. This gives you the score bonus.
Use the mouse to play, detach the mingle by clicking.

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Walk around this Black and White city, make things work, interact with others. Make your life more colourful in the direct meaning of this word. Find your true love.
Use the arow keys to move. Use the mouse to interact.

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Jak 3: Gold Edition is a great adventure online game with 35 levels that won't keep you bored. Turn into the bad Jack to destroy the obstacles and creatures along your way. Find your way through.
Go through tutorial first to get some skills and see your possibilities with the super powers and simply physical abilities. Have fun!

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Do your best to escape from the school. This is probably everybody's dream at least once in a lifetime. Here is your chance to put it to life.
Good luck!

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Escape the bush prison, help Link find his way out. Collect the rupees along the way, kill the enemies or they will kill you.
Move with the arrow keys and attack with "A".
Enjoy the adventurous pasttime with Zelda: Links Backyard onlnie game.

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Guide the swirl of the souls through the vents of the haunted mansion in the shortest time possible. Save as many as you can.
Use the mouse to play this game.

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You are the main hero of this game, thus you will experience all the Nephi's Adventure. This online game starts with all of the brothers locked in the city. There is a goblet in your inventory. Although you cannot use it without unlocking it. You'll need to use the help of the others to find your way out of the "imprisonment".
Use the appropriate icons for different actions - walking icon for walking, talking icon for talking. If you want to look at someting or examine - use the eye icon. To pick something up use the hand icon. Play around to see how you can use everything around.

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Survive 5 days in the lake, avoiding trash, other fish, fishermen, UFO’s arrows and other objects. Although, be attentive to catch additional lives. Use arrow keys to move. Good luck!

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Start a fun and exciting business in Rubato Hills and work your way up to become the next Recordshop Tycoon. Purchase CDs and upgrade your shops to attract customers! "We are confident you will be able to start a very successful business in Rubato Hills."
Use your mouse to play.

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One last trip to Wonderland

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Travel a vast world, collect equips, learn powerful skills and slay legions of foes!