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Play Age of Defense 4 online flash game


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In Age of Defense 4 online game you are a brave warrior armored by 3 type of weapons: throw object - hard control, high damage, use power bar. Arrow - normal control, low damage, use quick reload. Gun - easy control, medium damage, use lengthy reload.
Move mouse to the top screen to high throw. Move mouse to center screen to medium throw. Move mouse to bottom screen to low throw. Press mouse to increase power bar, release mouse to throw. Mouse move to change the direction in flash game, the red bar is your ammo. When your ammo is empty it will automatically reload.
Press 1 to use primary weapon, press 2 to use secondary weapon. Press space bar to cast special weapons in flash game. Click world to set background. When blue bar reaches maximum, weapons will affect special effects: fire, poison, explore and light. Press P or click menu to pause the online game.
In such flash game for free you have to destroy enemy base with your troops and protect your base from the enemy onslaught at all cost.