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Age of War 2 free flash game is a mix of defense and strategy online game. The goal of such flash games for free is to destroy the enemy base while defending yours. You need to build turrets to defend your base and hire units to attack the enemy. To create new units move your mouse over an icon to see the statistics of the unit beneath it as well as a short description. Read unit description to find out how to unlock them.
Move your mouse over the turret icons to see the stats and the description of the turret. When building a turret, you need a free spot on your tower in online games. You can build up to four tower spots. You can always sell a turret to build a better one: just click on the sell turret button and click on the spot you want to empty.
The specials section lets you do two things: launch a special attack or evolve. Both require XP, you can earn it in combat. The special attack is powerful and can create a breach in your opponent's forces.
Uprgades are very important in free flash games. You can upgrade a certain type of unit to make it more powerful and take the advantage in the fight. Battleground is where all the action takes place. All the units will fight and die there. Sometimes you will need to click on your base to build or sell turrets. Some units are more effective against a certain unit type. Always try to match your units so they have this bonus.
Don't make only defense in online games. The computer will gain more XP than you since you gain XP even when your own units die. Make use of the upgrades, they can seem expensive at first, but they can give you the necessary edge to win. Don't overuse your special. Using it too much will render you unable to evolve and you will eventually lose.