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In Airport Oasis free flash game you will have to manage the lounge area. Red Carpet Club members will enter the lounge and sit down. They will require various items during their stay, and you must ensure they get it. This will keep them happy while they wait for their boarding time.
Using your mouse, drag the desired item from the menu at the bottom, on to the Red Carpet Club member who requires it. An unwanted or incorrect item will result in a reduction of their maximum happy meter. The meter will not return to its previous maximum happiness state until after a few successful requests.
Once the guest in flash game is done with an they he will leave plates, magazines, cups, etc. on the table. Drag kitchen items off the table and into the sink, and drop all magazines and newspapers into the recycling bin. Cleanliness will affect your score at the end of the level.
In such gadget flash games for free you have to keep an eye on guests' happy meters. These will start to drop while they wait for their items. A happier guest means a better score, so make sure you keep all of the guests happy during their stay in the lounge. If the guest's happy meter reaches the bottom they will walk out, and you will get no score from that guest.
After a while a happy guest will get comfortable and start doing their own thing. During this time they will not ask for anything. Warning: a comfortable guest may be so relaxed he may forget to leave for the plane. If he is still "zoned out" 5 minutes before his due boarding time, use special tool to remind him. But be careful - remind them too early, unnecessarily, or let them miss their boarding time and you will gain an unhappy customer and lose points.
In online game you will be informed when the last guest enters the lounge. At the end of the level you must have reached at least the minimum cleanliness requirement to progress to the next level. Levels increase in difficulty (more people, faster response times and an increase in minimum required targets).