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At the beginning of Alexander - Dawn of an Empire online war game you have to choose what type of ruler you are going to be. King - the Persians will invade rarely. Enemy provinces will recruit very little and characters will virtually never upgrade their abilities in flash game. Emperor - the Persian will invade occasionally. Enemy provinces will recruit modestly and characters will rarely upgrade their abilities. Son of Zeus - the Persians will invade without hesitation or mercy. Enemy provinces will recruit heavily and characters will upgrade their abilities often in online game.
For centuries the Thracian tribes have pillaged our proud kingdom of Macedonia. But thanks to your late father, we at last have the strength to subjugate these barbarians once and for all. Once Thrace is secure we will be ready to face the might of Persia itself.
The long bar near the top of the screen shows your current morale in war online game. To win the battle you must either destroy all enemy units or completely fill the morale bar by getting your own units across the right edge of the battlefield. The command values under the bar show command points, which are used to deploy units onto the field of flash game.
On the left you will see some icons for the units present in your army. Click the first icon to select your Macedonian Militia. Them click the arrows on the left side of the field to deploy a couple of them. The number keys from 1 to 0 can also be used to select your units in flash games.
The Thracians must be shaking with fear at the sight of our soldiers. To defeat the barbarians remember these simple rules:
1. Use militia against cavalry
2. Use peltasts against spearmen
3. Use cavalry against archers.
To open the Army menu click "Army" button on the top menu bar. Then train twenty more Macedonian Militia units. You can hold Ctrl key to train 5 at a time. Open the Research menu of flash game and research Leadership II. This will give you more command points to use in battle, allowing you to deploy troops faster.
In Advisor menu you'll see your two advisors, Parmenion and Seleukos. Parmenion will provide you with situational advice on what to train and which province you should invade, while Seleukos will offer tactical advice on the strengths of specific units and technologies.
The most important advice you get will be warning about Persian advances. The Persian Empire is the only faction able to create field armies with the ability to take provinces from you. Only one of these armies will exist at any one time.
You can recognize these armies by the General characters leading them. Parmenion will advise you on the locations of Persian armies and warn you if one is about to invade. The only way to stop a field army in war online game from taking your land is to attack it.