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Play Alexander the Great online flash game


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It is 336 BC, and you are Alexander the Great in free flash game with the same name Alexander the Great. Your desire is to reach the end of the Earth and the Great Outer Sea.
Your objective in online game is to conquer all the nations that oppose you. Show them your great tactical ability and crush them.
Select a city to invade. You are presented with a map - you can only invade cities adjacent to territories you have already conquered. Click on cities to see their strengths and terrain types.
To start online game for free, select a mission by clicking on the "mission" button. areas that need to be invaded are identified for each mission and are also shown on the map "M". You can then begin your campaign by clicking on a city you want to invade and then press the "Fight" button. Once the battle begins you will see the field where the conflict will occur. Scroll to the right to see how the enemy is staging it's forces and their strength. With that information scroll back to the left and start buying/placing your units in the staging area.
In flash game of such genre you can purchase different military units from the purchase box by clicking on them and dragging them onto the stating area. You will receive new unit types as you conquer new territories - you can use these in future battles. Position your units carefully so that they will not be overwhelmed by the enemy force.
All units in flash games can be upgraded (button or hotkey U). Unit level is shown by a number in the top left of the unit. If your military units survive a battle, their position will be recorded for the next battle - so you won't have to reposition them a second time if you wish.
You have a limited amount of gold to begin such strategy flash games, so use it carefully to purchase/upgrade different military units. Once you have positioned your military and upgraded different units, set the fight mode to whatever best suits the current battle. There are 5 attacking modes available and information for each is given in the game.
Once fight mode of flash game is selected, press "fight" or the hotkey "F" to begin the battle. Scroll to the right to follow your military units to the middle of the battlefield. Remember you can scroll anywhere in the battlefield during the fight.
If you have enough gold, new units can be added to the staging area during a battle. If the battle is going badly, you can press the "Retreat" this will allow you to get out of battle and find another city to invade. Retreating will cost you 10% of the power you had before you began the current battle.
When using different military units in flash games, you must consider their strengths and weaknesses in different terrains. Unit information is given when selected from the purchase box.
As units fight they gain experience points - the more experience points, the stronger the unit will become. So the longer you keep your military alive, the more experience they will gain in online strategy game.
There are 4 terrain types in this online game - mountains, forest, grassland, and desert. Each terrain type will impact on the effectiveness of different military types.