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Use the arrow keys to manoeuvre Eddie's ship in flash game Iron Maiden The Final Frontier. Collect weapons to help defeat the pirates. Press space to fire your weapons and 1-4 to cycle through your available weapons. Collect the cargo using the grappling hook on Eddie's ship which will deploy automatically when in range of cargo.

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The Transporter is a simple and short flash game for free! Transport the goods from a truck to the magazine before you get fired.

How much money can you make?! But Be Careful! Men Working Overhead!

An avoider game with some original twists! The story is set on a construction site! You must make money while being careful of the falling objects!

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As a new recruit to the Galactic Nations Task force, Captain Flash has no time to settle in before all hell breaks loose as an alien attack comes out of nowhere.
Play online arcade game Galactic Flash and blast your way across the galaxy to defend earth from an alien invasion!
Master your weapons and prove yourself in battle to receive upgrades and bonuses as you blast through more and more hostile aliens.

Controls: 'a' and 'd' or arrow keys to move; 'z' or '/' to fire; left or right 'shift' to fire bombs! '1' and '2' cycle weapons and bombs.

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Your task is to help the sun venture into outer space to find all 8 planets in The sun goes to space free flash game.
The sun woke up in the morning to find that the eight planets (and Pluto) had been kidnapped. Now, to rescue the planets, the sun has to go to space.
Click and hold the magnet to pull the sun towards it. Sometime you need to let go. Try letting go at the middle. Then quickly bring it over the magnet (click and hold). Try releasing after the first bounce.

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The flood has damaged the entire town and local inhabitants have to rescue themselves on the roofs, on the islands and even swimming. Play free online game Unlimited Rescue and help them on your boat. Be careful – broken electrical bearing is constantly sparking, and all around whirlpools and strong current appear.

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Blow over the pages of world history on the toilet in free flash game Rocket Toilet 2. On the build cannon you will need to launch heroes in the sky. You will start from the most ancient epoch and meet a lot of obstacles on your way. In order to accelerate you have only three washouts so use them clever. The longer you fly the bigger amount of money you get, and then you can use it in order to improve your tool and make time jump. The ground has springboards, and in air you can catch the star which will give you another three washouts.

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Play free flash game Wild Dragon where you will need to destroy everything on your way. You will play for the dragon which will not be stopped by any brave warriors and cannons. Control the dragon and avoid the shells. Try to pass all 8 levels leaving piles of splinters behind you. The number of lives is limited.

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Monsters want to do down in order to kill you. In this free flash game Monsters Go Up you will need to do everything you can in order to move them up. Use the cannon and shoot with colorful balls. You need to shoot off the cluster of balls and send it on monster. The bigger is the cluster, the more damages the monster will get. The faster to compete the monster, the higher score you receive.

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See how far you can fly in the Konki Throw free flash game using different tools. You have a car, a plane, a rocket and the energy of restless astronaut in your disposal. Switch them over in time, keep your balance and use optimal speed in order not to fall, turn over or collide with some cloud or UFO.

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Monsters are trying to restore the book, the pages of which are thrown all over the town. Sticky Monsters free online game’s aim is to collect all pages jumping from one building to another. You will need to sway on the ropes and stick to the walls – this is the way they move. The fewer moves you do the higher score you get.

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It is a breathtaking adventure of young treasure hunter, who happened to get locked in the pyramid. In order to escape you will need to climb up the rolling grindstones. Each of them has its own size and speed of rotation, what you will need to count before jump. Collect jewelry all along the level, you will need them in the shop where you can improve your abilities.

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In this game you will need to try your best in order to get sweets. Manoeuvre with the log where the round funny creature should roll and catch candies. Avoid the touch to thorns, pickets, circ saw and other sharp items.

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Terrible accident has happened on the plant of high toxic material processing. Your aim is to place poor “fluffy” on the platform so they don’t touch the floor with toxic chemicals.

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The Gremlins attack. You can hold them back only with the help of cannon. Shoot them all creating lines of similar creatures which will help you explode them. The time is limited and waves of gremlins constantly rising. Be careful, don’t waste time and don’t forget to use bonuses.