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Shopping cart is a universal extreme gear. In this game you will need to use the cart to sit in it and drive down the hills and the springboard. You need to fly as higher and as longer as you can. You each jump you will get money. You can use it in the shop to improve your cart and to learn new tricks. Don’t be scared when your head breaks after the ordinary fall.

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Get the bird kids into a family and bring them over to the Pelican. The more birds you can hold behind you - the more points you get. Avoid the Witch flying nearby or you lose a life. The crow also poses danger.
If you like the game, add it to your favorites in your profile, this way yo ucan play it over and over.

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It's Tasty Planet Dino Time! The scientists invented a weird creature that can eat practically anything. More than that, it grows as it eats.
There are some dangers around - rats and frogs, keep away from them. You can play Tasty Planet Dino Time online for free.

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Samurai Panda 2 is, probably, the most jumpy panda ever. He is quite clumsy, too. Help the panda collect all the sushi and the keys in order to proceed to the next level. Enjoy this real colorful online game!

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Ratta Thieves is a "catch a moment" arcade online game. The hens are sleeping, therefore the rats have a total freedom to steal the eggs one might think. But no - there is a real good guardian - the Rooster. Wait till the rat distracts the "Boss" before you can steal the eggs. Once the rooster sees the rat - here is the end of the game.

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Burger-place is an online flash game-simulator of waitressing. There are many customers coming, placing orders. All you need to do is to cook patties, put fries, and giving out orders. Once you manage to do it on time, you get tips. If the customers leaves - no tips for you. Collect as much money as oyu can.

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Burger Bustle is a type of an online game that anyone would enjoy.
You are a waitress in a fast food place with a choice of fries, soda, and burgers. Your task is to seat a customer, take an order, bring it real quick, and clean up teh table. The game is timed and there is an objective of how much you should earn in a time limit you are given.

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Kukoo Machines are high-tech machines that you need to test. All you need to do is preparing food and giving it out to the customers.
It seems like an easy job at first, although it gets more and more difficult as the customers keep coming and create a line. Try to be as quick and efficient as you can be to keep people satisfied.
Kukoo Machines is one of a whole lot of free online games you can play online at

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Bubble FruitTail is a colorful online game. Create the sequences of three and more bubbles to bust them and get to the main prize. Clear level by level, get bonus points, and have fun.

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Smeshariki - are cute little round animals. Brosaika is an online game where you need to toss objects in a way that the other Smesharik gets is. Consider the strength of the toss and the wind. The player that first gets 1000 points, wins.

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This is classics - tetris game - with a spin. There is a pretty birs on the left observing the game. The controls are the same - arrow keys. There is preview of the next coming element, so that you can think ahead where to place it.
Minola is a free online game.

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Do you like Zuma? Then this game is for you. Use the mouse to shoot balls onto the string. Match three or more of the same color to pop them.
Think quickly, although be very careful - don't miss the goal. at the same time do not let the balls reach the exit.
You can play the Dolphin Pop and many other exciting online flash games for free at

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Meet Pearl Busta The Octopus - he guards his home where no pearls are menst to be. Shoot the chain of three or more matching colored pearls to bust them. Get more points and speedups or slowdouns when you shoot those specially marked pearls. Play this one and many other free online games at

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Little Chef is a spinup on a classical Pacman game online. You play as a Chef that runs around, collects food items, and avoids trucks that are all over the place. The game is very cute, easy to play. Everybody will like it for sure!