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Catch nuts, cones, and leaves. Once you catch those items, you get different amount of points. Beware of stones. Try to stand as much as you can, because you are the Crazy Squirrel!
To play this online game you need to use left and right arrow keys of your mouse.

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The Autumn is here... The acorns are falling. You have 30 seconds to catch as many of them standing on the box. Once you step off the box, you fall, and the game is over. Watch out and be quick at the same time. If this is your type of a game, add it to bookmarks and play it online as much as you want - it's free.

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You are a robot on a mission to save the Goons. How can you do it? Block the bombs that can kill the Goons. Play the game online, submit your score, and see how you did. You can always restart the level to improve your score. Good luck!

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Help Mario to catch eggs in the farm. Do not let them fall on the ground and break. Use the arrow keys to play the game online. Run left and right to catch as many eggs as you can in order to get tht highest score.

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Click anywhere near the bubble to cause the chain reaction. You have only one click and lots of flying candy. The objective of this online game is to pop as many bubbles as you can - this is the only way to earn three stars in the level. Futher you can exchange them for the upgrades, there are lots of them.
There are 40 levels in the Flying Candy free game, so that you can enjoy it and play it over and over.

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Build the Ghost House for the little witch. You can arrange and rearrange - be a real designer for a little bit.
Use the mouse to play the online free game.
Have fun!

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Collect the crazy manna into the cup - draw the path it'll be going by. Use mouse to direct manna to the cup. Speed up or slow down the manna. If you fail or are unhappy with the results, retry the level. At higher levels there might be more than one cup, and the game gets more and more challenging.
Play Crazy Manna online for free at

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Help the Lemmings to get to the exit - draw the path with the chalk that they will be following. The game is timed, so try to do it as fast as you can in order so save every one of the little guys. There are many levels of the Lemmings Returns Lite online game and the challenge is different at each of them, so you'll deffinitely like to play it!

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Help the little Frog to complete the biggest jump in the lifetime - he wants to reach the sky!
You'll deffinitely enjoy to play this online game! Add Frog Jump to favorites and come back for more free online games!

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Can you imagine a little penguin as a Rocketeer? Well, I guess, you have no choice :) The little cutie-penguin decided that he wants to fly to the Moon and started a long journey to get to his dream. Help him on his way to the dream. There are lots of upgrades along the way that deffinitely make this online game very involving. The artwork is very enjoyable, too.
Add the Rocketeer game to your favourites, as you'll deffinitely want to play it again.

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Turn into an angry monster in the Monst online flash game. You need to scare people in the most unexpected moment. Seems too easy - acually, it's not. Think first how to remove the obstacles first to get to your victim. If you succeed, you get lot's of medals. If you fail, people will revenge themselves.
Use the mouse to point and click to play Monst free game online.

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Mr. Strange is half a person half a bear. He got imprisoned in the underground lair, deep in the earth core. The task of the Mr. Strange and the Core free online game is to walk Mr. Strange to the exit by changing the direction of gravity. Try to do it in the least amount of steps possible. Every level has new challenges.
Use the the arrow keys to play Mr. Strange and the Core free game online.

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A handsome Prince helping out a beautiful Princess to study? Maybe, it is possible, if she is a Magical Princess. Catch a moment when noone see the young lovers couple to smooch. Play the game online, enjoy, and have fun!

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A little chick decided to explore the rolling hills and fell off the nest. It's obvious that he is very fragile and won't last for long if even a usual jump causes him so much pain. The longer you hold on and the more you help the little chick, the better.
Use the arrow keys to roll left and right. Perform stunts to get more points and get new costumes. Play the Rolling Hills online game for free at