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Trying to do some carjacking? It requires more than just excellent driving skills. You need to be really smart for it, too. Test you brain capabilities in online game - move all the vehicles around so that the red one can freely exit.
There are 100 difficulty levels, so you can play for awhile. It is indeed a catchy game for the right player.

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There is probably very few people who neved played the Wolf and Eggs game. Welcome an online version of the classic catcher game with some upgrades, as you can drop up to 10 eggs.
Use the mouse or A, Z, K, M keys to catch the eggs into the basket!

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There is a little guy that lives in the ocean. Experience the eat or be eaten concept in the Feeding Frenzy online game. You can only eat those fish that are smaller that you. Avoid bigger fish. See which fish is safe to eat at the top of the screen. The more you eat, the bigger you get, thus, your choice of fish to eat expands. A really good choice to get entertainment with a nice arcade game.
You will need to use the mouse to play the game.

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Here is another online master class and a new recipe - Yummy Lemon Cupcake. Follow the tutorial to cook some delicious virtual cupcakes. Watch the time - you need to do everything quickly. There are a few steps that you need to master.
I am sure you will enjoy to play this flash game!

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Do you like brownies? Did you know that it is very simple to bake them? Here is your chance to try everything online first. This is like a tutorial you will enjoy to play over and over. The only con is that you cannot taste the brownie that you've made... Yum!

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You are an unusual Fisher. Gather together groups of three fish - this will remove them from the screen. Keep the oncoming fish from your side as they will dominate and win very quickly.
Use the mouse to play the Fisher online game.

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This rat is walking blindly, so your task is to walk it safely through the level and feed some cheese to it. Set arrows on the field, then press "start", so that the rat recreates the route you've planned for it. Do not get trapped.
Use the mouse to play this amazing addicting online game.

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Customize your girl and see if you have the guts to win the big money. Learn the stunts along the way, upgrade the bike and your character's outfit. Gain experience, become more skillful as you practice to control your speed and power.
Play this game online!
Use the arrow keys to move, and the numbers to do stunts as you progress.

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Have you ever thought that if it was up to you to control the traffic light, there would be no jams? Well, here is your chance. Play this game online and see if you can succeed better that the traffic controllers.
Do your best for the most amount of cars to pass the junctions. Each car that passes through the city earns you 1 point. The more points - the more cars. Once you get a jam of 5 cars, the game is over.
Use the mouse to play the game.
Good luck!

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Defend the Earth from the asteroids! To be precise, you need to protect the building on the planet by rotating it in order to avoid the asteroid attacks.
Take the tutorial before the game, won't need to guess what to do and how.
Use the mouse to spin the planet.

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Move your spaceship out from the darkness. Shoot the flares to reveal walls. be careful not to hit against the walls as they will kill you.
Get out through the portals.
Use the arrow keys to move (or, if it is more convenient, use the WASD keys).
"There is light at the end of the tunnel" - this is the motto quite suitable to the Darkness game online.

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Detonate the 3 adjacent same-colored gems. In each level the amount of lines you need to complete is different.
Very nice and addictive online game!
Use the mouse to play.

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Avoid the red balls for as long as you can. Move the blue ball with your mouse. It gets more and more difficult with each new ball added.
How long can you last for? Check it out!
Use the mouse to play this online game.

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You are at the mall parking lot. Familiar situation? There a lots of people. Watch out... wat! Do NOT watch out for those pedestrians! Yes, the objective of Blood car! 2000! Delux! online game is to kill all the shoppers in the time given.
Use the arrow keys to drive the car.