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Run everyone over in this gory bike online game :) Use the arrow keys to switch through the lanes, don't watch out for the referrees. The more you kill - the better!

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This online game is good for those who want to improve their reaction. Really, you have to be really, really fast and well-coordinated. Catch those bombs and detonate one against another.
Use the mouse to catch the bomb and move it to join with another.
Good luck!

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Is it easy to commit seven deadly sins in just 7 days? As it turns out, it's not a piece of cake. Meet all those people, find out what they think about you, try to meet their criteria first - then do the sins!
Seven days are ticking in the Seven Deadly Sins online free game!

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This online game is really fun!
Run away for you life. Collect targets to increase your score.
There are 26 levels to walk through. Get upgrades as you master your skills - such as evasion, jumping, running etc.
Use the arrow keys to move.

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Are you a good constructor? Test your skills in the Cargo Bridge online game. Help the workers move the cargo over the catcher to collect the boxes that are on the other side of the bridge. You have limited amount of money to build every bridge. if an element is too big - it will become red and will be prompted.
Test the bridge project before the workers walk over it. You can always remove an element or the whole project.
Good luck!

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Pimp ypur ride - play Create-A-Ride online game!
Choose the body style, color, rims, and other things to your loking. Have fun!

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The objective of this online game is to guide the ball to the exit avoiding the block and fighting the gravity force. Be very precise when moving the ball. The blocks are all over the place!

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Star Ball is a cosmic arcade online game where you need to pilot a starship with the moving platform. the game reminds ping pong where you need to hit the metal ball and destroy all the blocks hanging in the air. There are bonuses among the blocks. Do not miss them.
use the mouse to play Star Ball.

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Feel the momentum and develop the speed in order to collect all the coins and bonuses! Use the arrow keys to play wOne2 game online.

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Create exactly same ball as marked on the box using the tools provided. This online game is real fun, as sometimes you really have to guess what's in the bag :) Use the magnifier to enlarge the ball.
Experiment with the Factore balls online game!

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Hit as many frogs as you manage out of 20. It's a bit tricky to time it when to hit, although with a bit of practice it is possible.
Play frogg Batting online game for free.

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How fast can this guy run? Oh, human possibilities are endless, although there are obstacles on the way? So watch out and jump over. Don't lose the speed - be the fastest.
Play Orange Runner game online.

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Transform the terrain to get the ball to the light blue square in the fastest time possible with the least quantity of clicks. Green squares accelerate the ball, while the red ones slow it down.
Use the mouse for the transformations.

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In Gemmers online flash game you don't actually need to move the gems. Click on the groups of most gems of the same color. There are bonus gems - if you get them in the group of at least 3 same colored gems, they will appear on the left. Use the bonus gems by pressing "1".
You can play either alone or against up to 7 friends. Who is the fastest?