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Drive quickly. Deliver the pizza as fast as you can. Watch out for the pedestrians and other cars. Once you hit a car or a pedestrians, you do damage to the pizza.

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Fly, Super B, fly! Watch out for trees, keep away from the enemy bullets, and the military tanks.
The arrow keys determine the direction of the flight - you can higher or lower, right or left. Super B can return the bullets to the shooters. Use the mouse to do so. Use the left mouse button to lock on to the enemies and release bullets. This way, they pose no harm to you.
Play this online game for free.

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Kitty goes goes to Las Vegas! Yey! Cactus works as a trampoline - catch those glowworms while jumping. throw maces at the snakes. Shoot the bullets at the purple guys and flying cacti-rockets.
The game, indeed, is very entertaining. You'll have loads of fun on your way to Vegas.

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Sheep go to Heaven, goats go to Hell. Sort them out, choose where to send them.
Press "S" for sheep to be destined to Heaven, click with the mouse on sheep. Press "D" for goats to go to Hell, same procedure with the mouse. Don't mix the animals and their destinies...

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Do you remember such a popular phone game where you need to "eat" all the blocks on your way to create a long chain, i.e. the snake. Well, here is a remake - welcome the Ultimate Snake arcade game online.
You really need to have your skills mastered to perfection, as the slightest wrong movement will destroy the snake and you will have to start over.
Use the arrow keys to move the Ultimate Snake.

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You have an Ultimate Goal in this captivating and intense arcade game online. Your task is to keep that ball rolling for as long as you can, avoiding menaces on your way. Press up and down depending on the object that you need to dodge.
The system requirement for this game is very good reaction and quick thinking :)

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This is not just fishing, this is Superfishing! Once you play it once, it'll become your favorite flash game that won't keep you bored to play it over and over.
Pick up the fish - the more at a time - the better. For every fish that you catch you'll get time bonus and it'll increase time taht you can spend playing the same, thus you'll get higher score.
There are extra objects swimming in the water - no need to pick that up :) You can catch multiple fish at a time.

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The objective of the Plant man online game is to plant the needed quota of saplings while avoiding death by blackfly, hunter or close-quarter-bear-researcher.
To play the game use the arrow keys to move, and the space bar to switch between running and planting.
Be quick!

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Larry And The Gnomes is a free online flash game that you can play at You are Larry adn you are on the mission to fight the gnomes at the forest. Kill all the gnomes while collecting all the 15 Gems of Doom.
Use the arrow keys to move, space bar to jump. Press "S" KEY to attack. Good luck!

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This Rabbit Wants Cake. Help him get it. There is a movement recorder with the scale - press "Record" and see how far you need to go - press right and left arrow keys to move, press Up to jump. Then recreate the movement and see if the rabbit can get the cake with your guidance.
A very innovative online game that you'll deffinitely love to play for free!

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Jump around, avoid the hedgehog, the snake, and other evils. Get as many objects as you can. The game is very enjoyable - pleasant graphics will rest your eyes, although you'll get some adrenaline rush and quick reaction practice.

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Break all the blocks with the ball. There is a moving platform. It can equally help and do some damage, so watch out for it.
Use the mouse to play this game.