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A long long time ago, Land Sakara was rich and flourishing. There was a village at the west of the land called Arcuz Village. People lived there happily and peacefully. Their cozy life led them to forget the dark age when the Devil of Abyss, Ssyba, came out from the underground and brought horror and darkness to the land. Fortunately, he was sealed in the deepest place of the dungeon by the heroes.
Recently, strange things have begun to happen again. Animals surrounding village Arcuz were blustering and began to attack the villagers. People left the land to escape the abnormality, but some are still suffering and waiting for the arrival of the calm after the storm.
You, the hero, an adventurer, heard about this torrid affair and came to the village. Thus out story starts from here...
Play online game Arcus where you arrived at Arcuz Village. Everything seems new to you. And you are going to learn from the beginning. Good luck in rpg free flash game.