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Play Astrae Bellum online flash game


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Power...Once you have it, you want to keep it for yourself. That is what happened even to Gods. But Mercury knew something else was possible. They could reign together. He asked Venus to help him, he and she could convince the other Gods. But Venus didn't want to convince anyone, she was fine that way. The Mercury said they could do much more together, and he asked her to help build Olympus. The Venus liked strong men, and she asked Mercury to impress her, if he wanted anything from her. Wise men said: "if you wish for peace, prepare for war". He could conquer stars by drag-and-dropping half of his energy towards it.
So that's how flash game begins. Play online game Astrae Bellum and notice when a star is full it generates mana. Mercury needs mana to cast powerful spells. He can win if he makes the whole sky mine. But he can also try to find constellations in the sky, and have more points than Venus by the end of the battle.