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Unknown aliens suddenly launch a brutal surprise attack. Caught unaware, Gotham city is severely damaged. Help Batman make his way through waves of alien drones and destroy the Alien Boss in Batman Revolutions free online game. Along the way you must collect Bat Items that attach to your Bat-Mobile chassis in order to transform into Bat-sub, Bat-tank, Bat-wing and Bat-jet, which will take you through different types of terrain in 5 levels. As usual, this is a one-man infiltration mission. Don't expect any official support. Weapons and equipment are on-site procurement.
Use the arrow key to move in flash games. When you are on the ground, use the up arrow to jump. Other controls of online game you will find in tutorial.
There are different enemies you have to be aware of. Gliders - these tentacled drones are the most common alien form. Destroy them quickly, before they get the chance to fire at you. Snipers - these aliens are attached to objects, and will fire when you approach. Boomers and Bobbers - these aliens explode when bumped into. You can shoot them, but stand back first.
Pick-ups in online games are also important: batarang - pick up these to refill your Batarang ammo. Lives - pick up a new head to earn an extra life. You can carry up to 5. Bat items - you will need to pick up 3 of these to finish each level. Shield power up - for each of these you collect, you regain one unit on your shields meter. Keep an eye on your meter - if it runs out, you'll die.
Among special weapons you'll find: Energy ball - a sphere of destructive energy that surrounds you for an instant in flash games. Bombs - you can drop onto your enemies from above. Mortar - shells that fly up and explode to shower the ground below. Missiles - clusters of missiles that spread out and fly very fast. Death ray - a beam of energy that destroys everything in its path.