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Your objectives in Battle Gear 2 free flash game are to destroy the enemy base or enemy unit is zero. You will lose if your base is destroyed or your unit is zero. Game level shows the level of domination. Exp shows the ability points to create or upgrade a unit. Money is used to train units in battle. Base life indicated the condition of your base in flash game. Total unit shows how many units are in battle. Use your units wisely. Troops appear random: no formation is made, troops will appear in random location. Manual: troops will deploy in an arrow sign formation. Control by clicking (W,S) or Up and Down keys.
Troops morale - defense: forms a massive wall of troops, deploys after at least 12 units are in the canter of the battlefield. Offence: troops will attack aggressively.
On the world map, click the info to see battlefield informations. Powered Skill Contains: upgrade all unit abilities, base life, total unit, etc. Statistic shows the performance on each side. Achievements are awards by accomplishing some tasks in free online games. Medals are awards by winning a campaign and single mode. If your units move to right side, they will be back on the left side and vise versa