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Play Bed and Breakfast 2 online flash game


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Welcome to Bed and Breakfast 2 free online game. Your objective in this flash game is to look after the customers and make a buck. Discover your first guest at a desk. Click the front desk to send your customer to his room. Then you have to make sure the guest gets his luggage sent up to the room.
You definitely need to feed your guests. When a guest sits in the restaurant, click on the kitchen to cook them food. After you guest if full you earn some money. When your guest is leaving click the front desk to check him out and collect payment. Then clean up the guests room - click on the room.
As you progress through flash game, you can buy upgrades for your B&B to make more money and attract more customers. Remember you can use left and right arrow keys to scroll to different parts of the B&B free flash game.