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Play Ben 10 Ninja Spirit online flash game


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Play online game Ben 10 Ninja Spirit and use easy controls. Arrow keys to move, X - attack, Z - defend, Spacebar - jump. Tap spacebar again for an air-jump. Climb while near the climbable object. Roll through enemy attacks. Uppercut (can also be done mid-air) smack enemies into the air. Sacrifice - dive down on your enemies sword-first. Windmill - paralyse your enemies with a whirlwind of circular slashes. Sonic Slash - send your enemies flying with a devastating blow. 4-hit combo - unleash a flurry of slashes upon your opponents. Ballista - hurl your enemies through the air with a powerful smash.
Walk up to a switch to open/close doors. Some activate more than one door. Ladders and ropes are climbable objects. Be sure to avoid spikes in flash game. Raise flags to activate your respawn points.