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Big Bucks is a real-time property development board game. All players are moving, buying and selling at the same time. Because of this, it is very fast paced, so be ready to buy buy and buy in online game. Your objective in this game is to bankrupt your opponents and make the maximum amount of money. In your stats window with vital statistics you need to know during the game. The bar represents your health, The house is the number of properties you own. The piece of wood is the amount of materials you have (needed to build a house in flash game). The big C is the number of credits you have (needed to buy power-ups).
The special area in online game shows you your opponents and their vital stats (money and number of properties owned). You can click any characters to see where they are on the board in flash game. You can pick up power-ups at random on some squares or buy them with credits at the credit store. They can be used to help you or hurt/slow-down other players. Some are automatic, while others need to be placed in flash game. You can click material store button and buy material needed to build a house.